How to Make Chicken and Mushroom Quenelle Soup

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Quenelle refers to food item made into oval or egg shape. Here in we have made mushroom and chicken quenelle. Add the bread slices for softness and the chicken liver for that extra creaminess.
Chef Anjani Nandan along with the Culinary Artsstudents of Inspiria Knowledge Campus prepared this soup for their class.


Place onion and garlic in little oil and sauté.

Add mushroom and cook till golden, then add chicken and chicken liver and sauté for few more minutes till the rawness is gone.

Place the sautéed mixture in food processor, add bread, pinch of dried basil and make a paste. Add stock if required.

Now make quenelles with two spoon and drop it in simmering stock and cook till it starts to float.

Place the quenelles in the soup bowl.

Sauté the chicken liver and chicken sausage in a pan and place it in the bowl with quenelles.

Pour the stock over and serve hot.

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