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We are approaching an age where the practice of writing with pens are rapidly dying. With the rise of digital classrooms and modern writing devices, the traditional method of writing is getting less attention. However, while talking about the board exams in our country, it is mandatory to write down the answers with a pen in the equipped answer sheet. Thus, the big question arises, ‘how to manage time in the exam hall while writing CBSE board exam?’. If you relate to this scenario, worry no more! In this blog, we’re recommending the top methods that help you with ‘how to manage time during board exams’.

1. Early writing practice

Set a mindset for early preparation. Develop the habit of writing along with your studies. Early preparation and the regular writing practice enhances a long-term learning and enhances a flair in writing. Besides, your regular practice and effort reduces the risk of nervousness and stress during the exam. The regularity with studies and writing will eventually boost your confidence. The enhanced writing flair, sound knowledge, and the good handwriting will be a boon for writing your board exams.

2. Make a routine for time management

Following a well-charted timetable will not only keep you organized and disciplined, but it will help you in productive time management. If you have scheduled your study time, revision time, calculus practice time, break time, nap time, then you’ll be training your mind and body to adapt to a good habit. Such a habit will not only yield a fruitful result but impact your life in a good way for a long run. Maintaining a timetable reduces the hassle and saves you from stressing about ‘how to manage time before exams’.

3. Utilize those 15 minutes before start writing the exam

Majority of the students tend to ignore the instructions given on the very first page of the question booklet. One of the merits of the board examination is ‘those 15 minutes’, granted to the examinees primarily for reading the questions and understanding the instructions. If you wonder ‘how to manage time during board exams’ then utilize those given 15 minutes wisely. Firstly, check that question paper and page numbers are in order. Read the directions and questions carefully. Categorize them into easy, medium, and hard level. Doing so saves your time and mind from the vague concepts.

4. Careful time distribution

Time is an undeniable truth that has dominated the universe. Given the fact, the amount of time that you give to every attempted question plays a great part in your scores. Strategic time distribution is the best solution rather than stressing about ‘how to manage time in exam hall while writing CBSE board exam’. Once you categorize the questions in 3-different levels, begin writing the answers with the easiest ones, followed by the medium and the hard level. Make a mindset about how much time you’ll give to the easier ones so that you can save enough time to work on the hard questions.

5. Ditch the specific pattern, begin with easy ones

While categorizing the questions into easy, medium, and hard level, it’s rarely possible for them to be so in a sequential manner. For example, questions from section D could be easiest, if section C and A fits into the medium level, question B remains the toughest! Even in such a scenario, the majority of the students still think that they need to follow the precise board questionnaire pattern. This blunder should be avoided if you’re worried about ‘how to manage time during board exams’. There are no rules as such about following the exact questionnaire pattern for writing exams. It’s just that, if you’ve started with question D from Section 4, you should exactly mention that.

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6. Keep up with the speed and accuracy

No matter how brilliantly well versed you are with the studies if you’re unable to maintain the speed and the accuracy, you’ll not be able to finish writing answers within the given time. Thus, adequate practice before the board exams is required in order to maintain that flair of writing with swiftness, error-free sentences including spellings. If you’re worried about ‘how to manage time in exam hall while writing CBSE board exam’ then don’t fret, make a mental strategy on how you’ll solve them. Remember, the need to maintain the speed with quality answers.

7. Never get stuck in a single question

60 seconds seems of less importance on regular days but the same holds an immense worth when you’re inside the examination hall. If you come across a particular question that you’re not well familiarized with, then save it for later. Read the question carefully. Devote a minute or a two for assuming or recalling the answer. If you cannot retrieve what you’ve learned, then switch to the other question that is easier. If you’re worried about ‘how to manage time during board exams’ skip the tough questions and come back to it later once you’re done with the easiest ones.

With the approaching board exams and extremely limited time remaining for the preparation, every student gets concerned about ‘how to manage time before exams’. If you’re still gearing up for the preparation, then start today! Do not simply cram your notes, but devote your time to improve your writing flair, speed, and accuracy with constant practice. Even, if it’s your first board exam or the last one, strategic preparation and time management helps you gain grades and keeps nervousness at bay. We wish you all the success for your upcoming boards!

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