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Board Exams are the initial yet most important gateway a student in India needs to enter. It carries with it, hopes and dreams of millions of students. With 2020 being such an uncertain year, it has certainly affected the students to great extents. Schools were shut for the most part of the year and the new normal (Online Classes) was introduced making Board Exams this year unforeseeable. Students appearing the boards this year were able to give out a huge sigh of relief after Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal recently announced that the 10th and 12th Board Exams will be held from May 4th till June 10th.

Some Important Dates


Tentative Dates

CBSE Board Exams 12th Start Date

4th May 2021

CBSE Board Exams 12Th Last Date

10th June 2021

Practical Exam Dates

March 2021

CBSE Class 12th Results Announcement

15th July

With so much uncertainty around the matter, it is no doubt that students are facing a storm of stress when it comes to preparing for the exams. Handling this stress well amid the pandemic and being well prepared for the exam sounds no less than a mission. But with the right mindset and a few tricks and tips, it is easily achievable. Well, here are a few helpful tips and tricks

Start Now!

When preparing for any exam there is always this question that troubles you, when to start? Well, let me tell you the only answer to that is, Right Now. Yes, you read it right! There’s never a good time as ‘right now’. It is never too late to start preparing for your exams the moment you realize it. If you go by the dates given by the Ministry of Education, you have more than 3 months, which is a lot of time. So get comfortable, open your book, grab your pen and start your preparations.

Plan your Timetable/Routine

Planning and discipline play a very important role in achieving any kind of goal. Before you get on to planning, ask yourself some questions. What subject are you most comfortable with? What do you find the easiest? What are the areas that you generally make an error in? Once you’ve answered these few questions, it’ll be easier for you to generate a timetable that fits best to you. Allocate more time to subjects you find tough while keeping subjects you find interesting amidst them. From waking up to going to bed make a routine and follow it through till your exams.

Making Strategy and Notes

Make small notes & memos and stick them within the reach of vision. The more you see them, the faster you memorize. Make short achievable goals, especially when it comes to Long answer questions, which sometimes leave students scratching their heads. As tough as these answers look, with a right strategy, it will not take you more than minutes to memorize them. The key here is to first get the concept. Make sure you are thoroughly familiar with whatever topic you choose. Once you become an expert at that, solving long question answers becomes as easy as snapping your fingers. Another fun way to memorize your answers is by giving rhythm to them. Yes! Sing them like a song a few times and the next thing you know, the answers are at the tip of your tongue.

Practice Previous year questions

“Practice makes a man perfect” as this quote goes, Practice! Practice! And Practice! Collect all the previous year questions and devote some of your time in just solving them. Try solving them without referring to your textbook or any other guide book, as if you are giving the real exam. Don’t stress about getting them wrong. Until you reach the point where you are able to solve hundred percent of the paper, don’t stop. By the end of these practice sessions you’ll have acquired both knowledge and experience.

Sample Papers

Sample Papers are another great way to practice solving problems and getting into that whole exam mood. There are hundreds of sample papers available in the market which have proven to be helpful in the past. Sample papers are even easily available online, which makes things way more easier. So get into that practice mode and challenge yourself.

Relax and have fun

This may sound absurd but it is a factor you can’t miss at any cost. High stress and too much pressure can badly affect your health. To avoid this fallout it is best to keep your mind in a relaxed state. Dedicate enough time in your timetable for your leisure. You can read a book, do any kind of recreational activity or even go for a walk during this time. Getting enough sleep (i.e. minimum eight hours) is also very important to keep your mental state in check. Also, eat healthy and drink lots of water!

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