How to score highest marks in board exams?

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Earning a place in the merit list is what we hope from our board exam preparation. Since, better rank means better grades, the most common question that hits our mind is, ‘how to score highest marks in board exams?’ Now, CBSE date sheet 2019 Board Exam for class 10 and 12 being released, students are likely to get extra concerned about preparation.

Board exams play a crucial role in our lives. The majority of the students consider exam as a hurdle or a threat. Nervousness and anxiety are feasible they’re aware that their merit is evaluated on the basis of their answer script. Good grades are required for writing entrance tests and obtaining admission at the top colleges and institutions. In such a scenario, the board exam brings stress and anxiety among the students.

Obtaining good grades, however, is not difficult. With steady self-belief, hard work, and consistency, one can get outstanding results. If you want to ace the board exam 2019, have a quick glance at ‘how to score highest marks in board exams?’

1. Start Early Preparation

Its true, majority of the students overlook the advantages of being in touch with the studies from the beginning of the academic year. However, early preparation is better than cramming notes 1-2 weeks prior to the board exam. Even if you regularly devote a few hours every day to re-read the chapters that are covered, it will help you on a great scale. Studying without pressure and the advanced preparation helps in the long run and for long-term memory. Thus, while studying it multiple times, it will get ingrained in your mind easily, without causing stress.

2. Follow a Timetable

You need to prioritize your goals and have a strategic preparation if you want to accomplish more in a short duration. With the CBSE Board exams being postponed, date sheet being released, and only a few weeks being left for preparation, its high time that you remain loyal to your self. If you haven’t started preparing for your board exams yet, you need to start preparing for it now! Create a well-strategized time-table and follow it sincerely. It will surely be effective and can exceed your expectations of a good result.

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3. Work on Developing your Weakness

Not every subject can be the best subject to a student. No matter how good you are in your academics, there is always a field that demands our extra attention. You may not find it like rocket science, but somewhere inside your mind, you understand that a little more hard work is required for improvement. If you have a knack for solving mathematical problems, you may not be able to do so precisely with English grammar. No matter how much of aversion you have for a subject or a topic, you should never overlook them. Always devote a little more effort and time to fix your weakness.

4. Analyze the Syllabus

If you want to have a powerful and effective study plan, you need to understand the entire syllabus pattern first. Board exam demands a thorough preparation. The subject for preparation involves diverse topics that might take much time for studying. But, it’s entirely okay to get terrified about bulky chapters and the number of subjects you have. However, if you’re well versed with the syllabus pattern, then it will be much easier for you to prepare. You will not remain stuck amid the extended chapters and tough topics.

5. Solve the Previous Year Questions as Mock Board Exam

Many of you might find the previous year questions useless, but those can help you score well. If you dedicate some time for solving the previous year questions, you will get in-depth knowledge regarding the question pattern and marks distribution. If you want to beat board exam anxiety, you can also sit for Mock Board Exam on your own. The previous year questions will add advantages as good scores are concerned. Most importantly, some of the questions are repeated almost every alternative years.

6. Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Answer Script

Board Exam do not demand cursive handwriting. However, a neat, presentable answer sheet creates a better impression of evaluator’s mind. An examiner has to evaluate countless answer sheet. Hence, it is reasonable for them to get irritated when they come across a terribly untidy and unreadable answer sheet. Not only the quality and quantity of the answer, but you should also have a neat answer sheet in your board exam. Draw margins using a pencil, diagrams should be made and labeled with a pencil. Underline an important line, word, or a phrase to draw the attention of the examiner.

Board Exams are a crucial part in a student’s life and acing one with outstanding grades will add value to your documents and help you obtain entry in the best universities.
Board Exams are not hurdles nor it is a threat. It’s rather an interesting approach to learning. Board Exams, if prepared well, transforms learning into a rewarding experience. Sincerely preparing for an exam truly releases your mindset from ignorance.

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