How to Prepare for Chemistry of Class 12th Board Exam?

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How to Prepare for Chemistry of Class 12th Board Exam

With very limited time left for the approaching CBSE board exams, if you’re stressing about ‘how to score 100 in chemistry class 12’ then this blog definitely brings you some valuable suggestions for your search.

Majority of the students consider board exams being tough. This general perception shatters their confidence level during the exams and wrecks their performance. If you start considering a particular subject as hard, it will eventually become tough. Hence, you will soon start disliking the subject. If you’ve opted for the science stream, then like many others you might have wondered about ‘how to study chemistry class 12’ for the board exams! However, with the strategic study methods, anyone can obtain outstanding scores in CBSE Class 12 Chemistry board exam.

1. Understand the Syllabus

Before you sketch your study plan, take time to understand the syllabus. Once you know about the weightage associated with various chapters and sections, you can easily determine the needed time for the preparation.

2. Begin Preparing Early

If you find chemistry tough, you should begin your preparation from the beginning. If you want good scores, you certainly can’t be stressing about ‘how to prepare for the chemistry board exam in 5 days’. In-depth knowledge is the key to yield good results. For thorough knowledge about the subject, early preparation is mandatory.

3. Prepare and Follow a Timetable

Discipline is the bridge between you and your accomplishments. Follow a strategically sketched time table for utilizing your time wisely. Divide time for all the subjects and for the revision. Take short breaks after every 2 hours as doing so will refresh your mind and boost your concentration level.

4. Set Goals

Setting study goals and reaching it will actually strengthen your determination. Set a target every day. This will boost your confidence level and develop a sense of accomplishment in terms of learning. Such a habit will benefit you even in the later days of your life.

5. Practice Mock Exams with previous year questions

Solve and practice mock exams with previous year questions as doing so will help you get a clear idea about the question pattern, marks distribution, and time management. Mock tests with the previous year questions will help in a large scale for decreasing your board exams anxiety and stress. In some cases, you will find the same questions being repeated in alternate years. Hence, you can determine the important chapters and probable questions.

6. Prepare Notes

Make your own notes. Do not simply rely on the guidebooks. Preparing notes help in an in-depth study of various topics in a systematic manner and it will help in long term memory.

7. Discuss your weakness with your teacher

Practice and try to solve the problems by yourself. If you’re unable to do in the first or the second attempt, discuss it with your teacher. Do not hesitate to ask questions and seek help or guidance when needed. It’s wise to discuss your weakness the moment you encounter it. Do not procrastinate to speak about your doubts.

8. Examine your mistakes

Mistakes are inevitable in life especially when you’re on a path of improvement. Analyze your mistakes, so that you prevent yourself from repeating them again in your board exams.

9. Stick to NCERT books

If you are looking for ‘chemistry tricks for class 12’ then NCERT Books and School Books by CBSE is the answer. NCERT books are the Bible for the CBSE Class 12 Board Exams. Do not study from the unreliable sources. CBSE textbooks and NCERT books remain the best alternative, as it will leave no space for confusion.

10. Avoid Pressure

In the course of board exam preparation, do not place yourself under constant pressure. Take care of your health and always try to keep a relaxed mind. You can study better if you declutter your mind from the pressure and stress. Above all, take care of your health. If you are unable to grasp complicated terms and formulas, write them down on sticky notes where you can see them frequently and easily. Try to read them every time as you pass through your them. Avoid last minute preparation. Mugging up notes just a week before the board exams and looking for solutions such as ‘how to prepare for the chemistry board exam in 5 days’, ‘how to study chemistry class 12’, etc before the exams will not help. Nothing is impossible if you persevere and CBSE Class 12 chemistry board exam is not an exception.

We wish you all the best for your upcoming CBSE Class 12 Board Exams!

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