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Have you been studying too hard for your upcoming examination and yet you fear failure? Racing thoughts, nervousness, inability to focus, along with physical symptoms such as a headache, racing heartbeat, nausea, etc., are few common exam anxiety symptoms.

If you’re desperately looking for a solution to ‘how to stop feeling nervous before an exam’ then you’re not alone. In spite of the meticulous hard work, many of you might deal with anxiety before your exam. A little anxiety is natural but excess exam anxiety will never let your true potentials to be exhibited in your answer sheet, no matter how hardworking and brilliant you are.

Anxiety before your exam is like a dementor that sweeps off your month and months of dedication and hard work within a fleeting moment. Are you still looking for a solution? Just scroll down to have a quick glance at the most effective exam anxiety tips.

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1. Adequate Preparation

Any endeavor in your life requires preparation, and examination is no exception. Make sure to start preparing months before your exam so that you have sufficient time for preparation.

Studying at the eleventh hours will only boost the chances of exam anxiety symptoms. So, give yourself enough time to learn every subject well. Adequate preparation is the essence of calm mind and outstanding results.

2. Take good care of your health

Yes! Health is everything. Your body is where you dwell. Without sound health, you will not be able to prepare well. Consider your exam hall as a battlefield, where you need enough strength to excel. Therefore, don’t neglect your health amid the preparation time and exam schedules knocking at your door.

Make sure to stay hydrated all day long. Exercise regularly, never skip your breakfast, eat healthily. Avoid Caffeine, as it adds to exam anxiety and stress.

3. Stay Positive, Always

Being positive will not only change your perspective and performance during your exam, but it will impact your entire life in a better way. So, being positive is one of the best exam anxiety medication that is truly effective.

So, shun negative thinking. Ignite the positive mindset in you with optimistic self-talks. You’re the only person that know yourself the best. Thus, remember, you can be the only best motivator and the true guide to your attitude and your very true self. Know that you’re deemed for the best and there is nothing that you cannot do.

4. Envision your Triumph

Every successful person in the world has at least once, envisioned victory before they achieved their milestone. Be it an athlete, an entrepreneur, an actor, or a traveler on a quest, they all begin will a vision, a dream of accomplishing their endeavor.

Passing examination is one of the greatest milestones in a student’s life. So, while studying, envision yourself feeling confident in the exam hall, and doing well. Practicing this will help you do well in actual life for sure.

5. Make sure to get a good night sleep

A key exam anxiety medication is sound sleep a night before the exam and during the preparation period. Waking up the whole night during the exam will worsen your nerves and disrupt your performance. In order to keep your brain and senses functioning well, your body requires adequate rest.

So, getting a sound sleep for 8-9 hours will be more advantageous than reading the text till late or until next dawn, cause your body will fail to maintain the energy during the day.

6. Rejuvenate, Fuel Up, Relax, and Go!

A shower is the best way to awaken your senses. It will make you feel clean, refreshed, and feel well prepared for the day. So, take a rejuvenating shower. Anticipate the day.

Treat yourself to a wholesome breakfast to maintain your energy level during the exam. Breathe deeply so that your nervousness remain at bay. Stay relaxed, do a little stretching if needed, and Go!

7. Reach your exam hall early

Being late for an exam is the worst thing that an individual can witness. So, punctuality is one of the effective exam anxiety tips that you can religiously follow.

To add up to your better performance and confidence, we recommend you to reach the exam hall a bit early than the specified time. Doing so will help you calm down your mind, even before you receive your questionnaire.

8. Stay focused during the Test

Once you receive your questionnaire, take time to read the questions thoroughly. Once you understand the directions of the questionnaire, make sure you choose the right questions that you want to solve. This will help you remain focused and boost your confidence.

We recommend you to begin with the easiest questions, jut ensure you write the accurate question number to each of the answers. Avoid the ones who are anxious before or during the test. Take deep breaths, and do not re-think what you already know well.

9. Pay 100% attention to yourself

During the test, don’t waste your time in knowing what others are doing. Concentrating on yourself is one of the best exam anxiety tips. Don’t get panicked by looking around to see everyone scribbling hastily. What they know doesn’t matter with your performance.

Maintain the pace with the given time and concentrate on your what you write. Looking around will distract you from what you’re writing. So, forget the rest in the hall, and be 100% attentive to yourself.

10. Maintain the Timing

Designate your precious minutes for each question before the exam begins. This is how you will be able to maintain the pace with the rendered time.

Save the last final minutes of yours to do the revision, not to randomly scribble the essay type questions that you’ve just seen! To avoid the delay, make a mental note on how much time you’ll give on solving each question.

Apart from the mentioned above methods on how to stop feeling nervous before an exam, the best thing is to believe in your self and your abilities that possess.

The tiny act like concentration on deep breathing can do wonders and easily swipe off the exam anxiety symptoms. Stay focused and maintain a positive perspective towards yourself and all the tests of your life. Above all, keep faith in God, the Almighty. We wish you a profound success in all that you do. Regards.

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