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They say a readable, neat, and good handwriting reflects your personality. Handwriting is not just about randomly scribbling down what you know, it is but an art. Your handwriting reflects the relationship between your brain and the things you write, which in return provides a vivid understanding of what write to your reader.

Perhaps, this very notion led to the creation of cursive writing. And, we as kids practiced it meticulously in order to master the same or obtain a compelling handwriting. Handwriting plays a major part in academics and at times a student’s personality and academic well being are evaluated on the basis of their handwriting. A good handwriting always adds vigor to a student’s potentiality or performance during the examinations. So, we should not neglect the advantages and importance of good handwriting in board exam.

However, the rise of technologies has altered the writing methods. The handwritten letters are replaced by text messages, emails, social media, video calling apps, writing tools, etc. Thus, our generation merely uses a pen and a paper as far as writing is concerned. However, when it comes to writing the board exams, writing with a pen and a paper is mandatory. Eventually, a student’s handwriting becomes the only key medium for building a good impression on the examiner. Thus, the importance of good handwriting in board exam is tremendous.

Good handwriting is not only beneficial in your student life but also helps you in your professional level. If you pay attention to your handwriting then it will certainly help you in a long run. Many of you might neglect your handwriting on the hassle of preparation. If so, then pause for a while and quickly scroll down to find out the advantages of good handwriting in board exam.

1. Good Impression:

Your board examiner will not be able to see you or talk to you while evaluating your answer sheet. An average student with good handwriting can create a good impression on the examiner. Whereas, an outstanding student with a poor handwriting will make a negative impression on the same. No matter what you write, present it in a neat and readable way so that the person reading it will not get irritated on the prospect of understanding what you’ve written.

2. Good handwriting means presentable answer sheet:

Every student has a unique handwriting. Thus, it is tough to conclude which handwriting is best for board exams. Despite the uniqueness, it is always recommended to provide a presentable answer script. Your presentation does not mean that you should decorate your answer sheet. It simply means proper margins and illustrations made with a pencil and a scale, and a good, clean, and readable handwriting. Simple.

3. Sign of Confidence:

During the evaluation process, an examiner comes across different handwriting patterns. Although there is no specific rule for granting extra marks for the good handwriting. However, the examiner might assume the level of your confidence by judging your handwriting. The untidy and unruly handwriting might restrict the examiner for granting you full marks for the correct data you present. An average student with good handwriting can gain marks due to the readability of the handwriting. So, you should have realized the advantages and importance of good handwriting in board exam by now.

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4. Good handwriting can conceal mistakes:

Its common procedure of the students during the examinations to attempt the questions first, in which they feel confident. So, if you have given a relevant answer to the first 10 questions in a neat and good handwriting, then your examiner will surely give full marks to those 10 questions. When your examiner comes to the 11th one, in which you have presented less data or has some errors, there are still high chances that your examiner will give the full marks for the same.

5. Good handwriting saves the grades:

Imagine, if you can’t understand a word from a handwritten script, how would you feel? It’s the same for the examiner with your answer sheet. A fact-based answers sheet with a poor handwriting is likely to lose grades compared to a readable answer sheet with less relevant answer sheet. As the examiners with tons of answer sheet are always in a hurry. So, if you have written a 100marks answer correctly with poor and untidy handwriting, the chances are higher for getting the full grades that you truly deserve.


People often argue about the advantages and importance of good handwriting in board exam and often charge strange questions, such as ‘which handwriting is best for board exams’, and so on. While there are some, who think that it’s not mandatory to have a good handwriting in the board exams at all!

However, a good handwriting doesn’t mean your writing skills should equate the cursive writing. What matters is writing clearly and neatly so that your examiner can understand it effortlessly. A good handwriting is always appreciated. But, despite these endless debates, a student should always pay attention to the importance of good handwriting in board exam.

We wish you the best wishes for the boards!

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