Important changes in CBSE Question Pattern 2019 For English

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Attention Students! There is something you need to know. There has been some changes made in CBSE Question Pattern 2019. The CBSE board has initiated some important changes in the question pattern. According to official sources, it has come to our knowledge that the changes have been introduced in CBSE Question Pattern 2019 For English.

If you’re preparing for your boards and if your CBSE Question Pattern 2019 resembles with that of the previous years, then you should introduce the change in your learning pattern too. The unexpected change in the question pattern for the English means that you will get a completely different question set as compared to that of the previous years.

CBSE Board Exam 2019: Important Changes in Question Paper

  • Change in Class 12 English 2019 board exam question paper pattern has been made based on feedback gathered from the numerous stakeholders and succeeding discussion in the meetings of Committee of Courses of the Board and subject experts and authorities
  • Now instead of 3 passages, there will only be 2 passages in section A (Reading)
  • The typology of questions has also been updated
  • Of the 2 passages, there would be 5 MCQs, 9 very short answer type questions, and 3 short answer type questions from passage 1 as per newly introduced CBSE Question Pattern 2019 For English
  • There will be 2 long answer type questions correlated to passage 2
  • The total number of questions has been decreased from 24 to 19 in the case of section A
  • Total marks ascribed to section A is 30 marks as per the new CBSE Question Pattern 2019
  • The entire number of questions in the question paper has also been decreased from 40 to 35
  • CBSE has also created the updated marking system and corresponding sample paper or specimens available for CBSE Question Pattern 2019 For English (core) on the official website
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CBSE English question paper to be less-time-consuming:

The changes to the exam pattern are in support of students who usually find the English question paper long and are unable to complete the paper in allotted time.

CBSE Board Exams to Start in February:

Furthermore, the board has planned to hold exams for ‘skill education’ (vocational courses) and similar subjects in the second half of February from next year onwards.

The CBSE Question Pattern 2019 for the major theoretical subjects such as languages, mathematics, and science subjects will remain to be held in March.

About the Central Board of Secondary Education:

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) was established on November 3, 1962. It’s headquartered at Preet Vihar, New Delhi. Its prime function includes planning academic programmes and regulating examinations, especially for Class 10 and Class 12 students.

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