InCode 2019 – Recognizing Coding Potential At It’s Best

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Our lives are tremendously influenced by technological advancement and the internet. No doubt, we are the forward-looking machine age or the modern world generation that aptly deserves to be revered as ‘the age of information’.

Human hands, expertise, and intellect have always been the sole reason for every advancement or progression. The ideal example that suffices is; the improvement and growth from an initial age of infrequent & scanty growth of machines to the speedy & extreme advancement of the same in our present times!

Therefore, no matter how comprehensive the growth is, human versatility is required to invent, reprogram, and update every machine.

Analyzing this reality and paying consideration on the interests, skills, and aptitudes of the young minds in the programming arena, Inspiria Knowledge Campus organized “InCode” – a coding competition on 16th August 2019 in the Campus.

The primary intent of the competition was to recognize and reward the programming skills of the students from the North Bengal region. The competition was opened to the students studying in Class XI & XII, belonging from any stream.

The aggregate time given for the competition was 90 minutes. The programming language permitted was either amongst C++ or, Java. About 40 teams from the North Bengal region participated in InCode. The contest was powered by CodeChef and was entirely hosted by Inspiria Knowledge Campus.

The winner of the InCode 2019 was the team from Don Bosco School, Siligiri, followed by GD Goenka School & Don Bosco again as 1st and 2nd Runners up.

There was a cash reward for the top three winners. However, InCode is not just about cash rewards or trophies but, the contest endeavors to motivate the potential, bent, and efforts of the students.

InCode further supports the aspiring coders of the North Bengal region to be recognized as a coder in front of the global community. InCode strives so that an aspiring coder can transcend and get an opportunity to build a standard for oneself, which is par best among the most qualified coders across the globe.

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