Inspiria to host the first Siliguri edition of StartUp Weekend

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Life happens once you start living it. Likewise, your ideas work once you start to put them into practice. Whether it’s life or the new ideas, if you want to make it work out and flourish, you need to embrace the risk of putting them into action or starting it out! If you have been dreaming about venturing on your startup ideas or if you are someone who favors the idea of entrepreneurship, then don’t go anywhere!

Curious to know the reason “why”? Because “Techstars”, a worldwide network is going to organize StartUp Weekend Siliguri with a noble objective to provide mentorship to the aspiring entrepreneurs. The brilliant event purposed to be introduced in the city can be a breakthrough for your raw and unexposed ideas.

The 54-hour event is envisioned to act or serve as a catalyst in the technologically inspired entrepreneurial circle. Unlike the regular events, StartUp Weekend Siliguri is initiated in association with the giant platform Google for Startups. The event is entirely organized, managed and led by Siliguri’s best entrepreneurial community leaders who passionately volunteer for Techstars Global Network for helping the aspiring local entrepreneurs to start their ventures and succeed in the same.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur with ideas growing in your mind then you shouldn’t miss this one!

The session starts from the evening of 13th September to 15th September 2019 at Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Himachal Vihar, Matigara. StartUp Weekend Siliguri extends you with a once in a lifetime kind of opportunity to redefine and strengthen your ideas and forge ahead into the vast, unceasing and ever-evolving entrepreneurial platforms. The session further ensures you to join and build a network with the like minded team of entrepreneurs or build one on your own with your envisioned ideas.

As far as your startup ideas are concerned, you will get mentored by the industry accomplished entrepreneurs, leaders, investors throughout the event. Furthermore, there will be a panel of proficient judges to evaluate your ideas and assist you more with one. Here, you will not only learn to work on your startup dream but, also meet the best mentors, investors, sponsors, and co-founders who will be ready to help you translate your dreams into reality.

If this intrigues the entrepreneur in you and if it influences or drives your ideas in a more comprehensive and better way, then seize this opportunity which is launching shortly, right in your city!


The event will primarily focus on the entry-level of entrepreneurship or all niches for a startup. You will be guided by passionate and proficient personalities. The industry mentors will help you get exposed to brilliant startup approaches and the best tools will be introduced to enhance your learning. The event will ensure you to explore your potential and even help you discover the apt niche for building your business. Throughout the event, you will be able to connect and build a network with the right people, gather inspiration, ideas, and resources for your venture. Furthermore, you will get prompt and continuous support and mentorship for your startup, business growth even after the event.

Startup Niche

The event is organized for every individual who is interested in startup or entrepreneurship. 50% of the attendees would comprise of technical background (coders, developers, designers). And, the other 50% for a diverse business niche such as finance, law, marketing, etc. Even if you are new to startup scene yet you’re motivated enough to expose yourself to new ideas, this event is ideal for your growth.

How To Participate In The event

You need to register yourself to be a part of this event. Techstars StartUp Weekend Siliguri has a corresponding website of its own with a registration section. Note the difference between the ticket category. The cost of registration is 2000/- There will be 50% off on registration cost for the students. During the event, you should bring your laptop, power cord, business cards, a camera for taking pictures and videos.

Registration Link:

For any assistance or help regarding counselling please feel free to contact us anytime at +91-8900755550. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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