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Amidst a horrifying crisis surrounding the world, crippling the walls of every sector and sucking out optimism from every individual, ‘Esperanza,’ an initiative by Inspiria Tv, was born. The nation was breathing melancholy and despair; it is then that the media students of Inspiria Knowledge Campus made an initiative to organize India’s largest e-media fest, Esperanza,‘ under the umbrella of Inspiria Tv.

As the name suggests, Esperanza meaning hope, the whole idea behind the event was to generate hope within every residing individual and amalgamate young India. The objective was to unite India and unleash young talents for a brighter tomorrow. However, the cause behind Esperanza was virtuous. The fund raised by organizing events over two days, like art, photography, film making, PR, and communication, was for the leading Child Rights NGO,
Save the Children’s, ‘The Invisibles’ Campaign. Our goal was to help millions suffering the wrath of the virus.

There is immense potential in the young minds, and they together can better the world, for we firmly believe “There is strength in togetherness.”
Esperanza received participation from 36 colleges across India, and the two-day-long event received a reach of 70K pan India, with 5000 people connecting live on zoom. We were immensely thrilled to see the heightening talent of the Youth. Moreover, it was an honor for us to have some renowned judges from the media and entertainment Industry connecting with us. The valuable insights of the judges and speakers splashed more zeal and vigor into our event. It was a fulfilling moment for us to see students of different age groups from different backgrounds converge virtually to interact with our speakers, participate in more than ten exciting events, and contribute to a much greater cause.

Glad about the initiative that the Youth are taking, Pragya Vats, Head of Campaigns, Save the Children said, “Youth is a force to reckon with. They are optimistic, driven to lead, and a powerhouse of possibilities. They are critical to creating a society that not only caters but also acts as collective social responsibility. It is about harnessing the power of youth to be the change. It’s estimated that India has the largest number of street children in the world, who are more vulnerable today than ever before. Save the Children is doing whatever it takes to keep them high on the public and political agenda. We are delighted to see the Youth of today take upon themselves to be the change-makers for children.”
We were further glad to have press releases issued on India education, Issue wire, and Exact release.

Esperanza was not just an event for us; it was an emotion. It was a long satisfying sleep after knowing that you have made a difference in someone’s life today. The event made us realize how a small action of ours can make the world a better place to live in.

Even in the current times of hardship, if we take small steps forward, collaborate and join hands together, we can repaint our canvas with the brightest hues all over again.
We all need to ignite the light of hope within us and diffuse it across the world.
Therefore, 2nd wave of Corona calls for 2nd wave of Hope- ‘Esperanza 2.0’.
Stay tuned with us!

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