Inspiria Gavels Club Successfully Conducts it’s 15th Session via Digital Medium

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From the day of its inception Inspiria Gavels Club, Siliguri envisaged to establish a platform for the youth of today to be able to learn the language of leadership. This has been made possible with the active participation of our charter members.

The indomitable spirit of the Gaveliers kept burning even in these trying days when all is shut and locked. Amidst the lockdown Inspiria Gavels Club, Siliguri has been conducting its sessions online ever successfully. Last week we completed our 15th session.

It gives us immense pride to announce that our online session witnessed 10 new members joining us from different parts of the country and from our neighbouring country, Nepal.
Rishab Gupta from New Delhi , Muskan Sharma from Phugwara,Punjab, Shaurya Gandotra from Mirik, Steven Joseph, Rhangdol Golay,Prapti Sen & Tamanna Chatterjee from Siliguri and Khushi Agarwal & Nishika Agarwal from Nepal.

The session possessed characteristics that had not been seen before. Toastmaster Pam from Queens Toastmasters Club joined us as a guest. Her warm presence and valuable feedback culminated into Gavliers delivering impactful speech.

Gavelier Yaben Chettri gave his speech on different genres of music. He emphasized on making music a comfort tool in the days of imposed house arrest. He weaved his story on how he has been benefited by listening to music and finally appealing to everyone to heal their soul with music.

Gavelier Jugaad Singh delivered such a lovely, fun-filled speech on his visit to Goa with his family. His narration envisaged a story filled with excitement and happy times that was just the medicine we need in these moments of crises. He amazed us with his super performance as it had every detail that we look up in a fine speech. Proud of him.

Gavelier Arpan Sinha showed tremendous progress in the way he conducted the Table Topic Speech. Despite the face-to-face constraints he made it a point to include all the news members to participate.It was fabulous and inspiring to see how all the new members were up for a spontaneous speech delivery. This only reflects how meaningful the platform is for them.

Gavelier Sanjana Dalia & Gavelier Tenzing are working towards giving an all rounded evaluation. They give their earnest feedback to the respective speakers they had evaluated. I hope they will soon learn the art of giving a valuable feedback.

Gavelier Yaben Chettri took the tag of “Best Featured Speaker”.
Gavlier Jugaad Singh won the “ Best Featured Speaker – 2nd position”.

Ms. Tamanna Chatterjee won for herself “ Best Table Topic Speaker”.
Master Steven Joseph won the “ Best Table Topic Speaker – 2nd position”.

Gavelier Sanjana Dalia won the “ Best Evaluator”

All in all it was a blastful session. And we are hoping that we will soar up even higher.

Cheers !!gavels club blog

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