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Student induction program, or as we like to call it “Bootcamp 2022” is arguably one of the most important aspects of our academic calendar. It provides a soft landing spot for the student to get along in the college environment and helps them get the best possible start on their new academic journey.   

Inspiria’s Bootcamp is designed to calm those nerves and help students get acquainted with our college environment. The program includes essential practical information relating to your course and personal welfare.

Students indulging in games in Boothcamp

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The session is organised in an interactive and fun way through cognitive games and activities. This makes all the students to participate actively.

Let’s look at the session that Bootcamp consists of

Sessions 1. Let’s get to know each other 

This introductory session is where students get to know as much as they can about their faculties, staff and fellow Inspirians through cognitive games and activities.

Session 2. Communication is the key 

Students get familiar with the power of effective communication. Learn key insights on how to become a better communicator.

Session 3. Camu, Gmail, and LinkedIn, our social arsenal

A session on tools like Camu, Gmail and LinkedIn to help you get acquainted with the industry standards.

Session 4. Welcome to the club 

Did you know we house different clubs on our campus? Some of which are globally renowned and recognised. Introductions and brief sessions on each club will help them decide which club door to knock on. 

Session 5. What changes when you are 18 

Post 18, life starts throwing you real problems. Responsibilities also start kicking in – This session will help students tackle & prepare for different responsibilities and problems that come with adulthood. 

Knowledge session at Student Induction program

Session 6. This is a digital world

A sneak peek into the digital world (usage, privacy of various digital tools) and get students acquainted with Google Apps that inspirian use on a daily basis for effective and efficient communication.

Session 7. Employability

The session will focus on the current industry scenario and brief you about the skills you need to excel in your desired field.

Session 8. The Toastmasters

Member of the noted Toastmaster International club conducts a fun and interactive session Enhancing communication and leadership quality. A chance for you to become a member of an internationally recognised NGO.

Session 9. Peer group Presentation

Here, students were asked to give a group presentation on an assigned topic.

Session 10. Say cheese! 

We conclude the session will a photoshoot. But, before that another quick activity.

Students Share their Bootcamp experiences

Bootcamp was fun and interesting, I’m looking forward for the Toastmaster club, it really sounded interesting”.  

“I really enjoyed the fun activities and the session was also very interesting” 

“The session was a bit too long but it was fun nonetheless. I also made some friends which is good”.

“It was fun, I’ve made some friends already. Thanks to boot camp at Inspiria college I don’t feel like an outsider anymore”.

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