International Mountain Day, Dec 11th 2014

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The International Mountain Day was proclaimed by the United Nations on 11th December in the year 2002. It was done to draw the attention of the world to the important role that mountains play in the daily lives of people. The activities done on this day across the globe give information about how mountains are a major factor in maintaining the ecological balance in the world.

Mountains play a very important role in the climatic conditions of countries. The Indian subcontinent is saved by the cold dry winds of the Tibetian Plateau by the Himalayas. The stand like a huge wall keeping the climate much warmer and habitable. Himalayas are the major factor why the Indian subcontinent especially India receives rains.

This year the theme of International Mountain Day is ‘Mountain Farming’. It is an opportunity for everyone to raise their awareness about mountain vegetation and agriculture on the hills. Mountain Farming has been playing a major role in sustainable development throughout generations. Knowing about farming on the hills will change the daily lives of the local people staying in the mountain regions. They can develop an alternative source of income for themselves.

On this International Mountain Day we should make a pledge to ourselves to conserve the mountain biological diversity. We should take it upon ourselves to save the mountains and its vegetation so that our future generations do not have to suffer and can reap benefits from it later on.

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