7 Important Steps to Excel in Board Exams

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Exams always give goose bumps and cold feet to people. Not only the students but also to the parents. The thought of exams brings people close to a nervous breakdown along with giving them nightmares. But the perception and way of thinking also depend on how people react to examinations. There are 7 important steps each student should follow to excel in their board examinations which will help in shaping the future of individuals along with their careers.

Solve previous year question papers:

While preparing for the examinations we need to go through previous year question papers, at least, solving the last 10 years papers which will help us get a hang of what kind of questions will be asked and how do we need to go about answering them.

Trying and Eliminating Anxiety:

This is one of the major factors which prevents a person from doing well in their exams. It sub consciously plays on the minds of the individuals preventing them to completely focus on the major job at hand. One needs to practice deep breathing which helps the mind in performing better.

One needs to arrive early:

During exams, it is mandatory that you go early and well ahead of the actual time. It will help you acclimatize to the place and the environment along with being present at the place well before others.

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Read Questions Properly:

We need to read each question along with the instructions are given clearly. We also should divide the questions into parts and be doing so will help to make things clear about what is being asked of us. It will also help in analyzing how each question needs to be approached and answered.

Divide Time:

One needs to divide time equally to each question that needs to be answered. If the time is divided equally it helps to focus on the important questions along with answering them the way they have been directed.

Focus on Oneself:

While in the exams we need to keep our total focus on the work which we are doing rather than the people around us. It will appear to the other person that we are trying to copy invariably distracting us from the main focus on hand.

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Attempt the easy ones first:

While in the exam, we should always attempt the easy questions first. It will help us get total marks along with giving us the confidence to answer the difficult questions that may be present in the paper.

While preparing for the board exams one needs to keep in mind the above-given points which if followed religiously are sure to lead one to good results. It depends on the person on how they manage everything. As the saying goes: “Where there is a will there is a way”!!!! ALL THE BEST to the students for their exams from Inspiria Knowledge Campus, Siliguri.

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