Inspiria’s First Edition of Inteen Youth Run 2019 – Here’s Why Kids Should Run a Marathon

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Strengthened by its principle of sustaining quality education with the extracurricular activities, Inspiria organized the first edition of Inteen Youth Run on 9th November 2019. Inteen Youth Run is an exclusive marathon for kids studying in class 6 to class 12 – aged up to 19 years. The event ideally fosters the active participation of kids in outdoor activities. The core intent of Inteen Youth Run holds on to the overall development of kids – be it in academics, sports, or any other extracurricular pursuits. It further endeavors towards helping them break free from the growing digital craze.

Why your kid should participate in marathon?

Marathon differs from a good number of other team-driven outdoor pursuits. It is entirely about an individual competing against the rest of the crowd. Running a marathon not just enhances athletic skill in kids but it also drives them towards exploring their real purpose. It obliges a participant to be physically and mentally tough. It challenges an individual to develop a stable mind in order to be on the track.

Marathon, therefore, is more than just a running activity. It is rather a life building process that not just challenges one’s physical endurance potential but also strengthens one’s willpower. It further helps the kids to defeat their anxiety and insecurities, fuels their courage and confidence, beat stress and depression. It influences one’s overall progress in a greater degree.

Inteen likewise encourages the kids to partake in a marathon. The process not only prepares them to become well-organized and disciplined it develops in them a sense of responsibility. It further encourages them to explore their strengths, set goals, and help them strive towards accomplishing it.

More details into The Event

Entirely coordinated by Inspiria, the route for Inteen Youth Run 2019 started from the Campus itself. The running track traced the roads leading towards City Center followed by major landmarks of Uttarayon Township like Club Montana Vista, Neotia Getwel Hospital. It then steered back towards Himachal Vihar area covering the major landmarks like Passport Seva Kendra, APC College, IVF Centre and finally concluded at Inspiria.

The race was divided into 2 categories, 5KM and 10KM. Kids studying in class 6 – class 10 was advised to participate in the 5KM run. Whereas the ones studying in +2 were permitted to partake in 10KM run. Before the run, the student volunteers of Inspiria conducted a warming-up session for the participants. Mr. Rahul Gupta – the Operations Head along with Prof. Indrajit Chatterjee – the Head of Academics of Inspiria flagged off the event amongst the crowd of zealous young participants. The 10 km race began at 7:00 AM followed by 5KM category run – 15 minutes later.

All the faculty members and the staff who began reporting at the campus as early as 4 AM were assigned to stand at particular points to guide the runners. Besides, direction boards and hydration support were provided throughout the marathon route by the Campus. All the runners were given a unique running bib number before the commencement of the race.

How it went?

The first of it’s kind to be organized by Inspiria, the event gained a good response from the schools based in and around Siliguri. The majority who enthusiastically participated in the actual marathon at an early age created their “first-time in life experience” by participating in Inteen Run 2019. A surprisingly good number of nearly 200 students participated in the event.

Inteen not only stirred excitement amongst the kids but it also gained the attention of parents, schools, coaches of the kids that participated. It conveyed the significance of extracurricular activities for unburdening the study pressure, for staying fit and happy. The volunteers enroute cheered the runners and encouraged them on not giving up!

The race ended at around 8: 30 AM. There was a free provision of post-run refreshments for all the participants and volunteers by the Campus. Also, there was a convenience of medical support.

To encourage the kids for future ventures and as a gesture of appreciation for their participation in one, each participant was presented with a finisher medal. On top of that the winning trophies for 5KM and 10KM category, for boys and girls, were awarded in Winning Category, First Runner-up and Second Runner-up Category.

The event concluded successfully as it was properly organized and well-coordinated. It conveniently catered to every call and sufficed the criterion of a good running event. Everything, including the registration, was rendered for free to all the participants.

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