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You have just enrolled in one of our under graduate professional degree courses (BBA, BCA, B.Sc Media Science) and are waiting for the classes to begin. You are excited, and rightly so – having great expectations of your life in college. And you will not be disappointed! Classes in the new session, as per West Bengal University of Technology (WBUT) schedule would begin in the last week of July. You may wonder how a day would be like as a student in Inspiria Knowledge Campus.

A typical day in your new college – you arrive at 8.30 a.m. and your classes begin right away. Mind you the manner of imparting lessons in Inspira is quite different from what you are used to. Classes will be more interactive and participatory in nature. You will be expected to ask questions, take part actively in the discussion and even give presentations from time to time using the latest teaching aids.

In between you will have breaks when you can go the library or the reading room. You can use the computer labs or even the yoga room for some relaxation and relief. During the lunch break you can visit the cosy cafeteria for some snacks or take a long walk across the campus, enjoying its serene, natural beauty. Remember, you will have wi fi access in the campus and the full freedom to use the internet whenever you have some time.

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Besides classes, you will be busy with diverse, meaningful activities such as workshops and seminars, departmental events and interactions with industry experts. Media Science students can look forward to some real creative activity. You can write blogs, create interesting videos or even try your hand in photography! You will have all the opportunity to give expression to your talents.

As for those who love outdoor games (especially those staying in hostels), go straight to the well maintained playing ground after college and try your hand in football, cricket, volleyball or basketball. Make the best use of the facilities provided.
As you can see, at Inspiria you will have your hands full the whole day long. So let’s balance work with play and give off your best to make your college like happy and meaningful! Good Luck!

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