LogoMotion – Enhancing Brand Performance

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LogoMotion – Enhancing Brand Performance

Inspiria Knowledge Campus witnessed an engaging interdepartmental competition ‘LogoMotion’ organized and executed by ‘Insignia’ – the Management Club of Inspiria on the 9th of November, 2018.

A total of eight teams spanning across various departments participated in the event in teams of four with representation from various batches. Each team was given a case study which necessitated them to think in a team and conceptualize and create a brand logo, logo storyline & adoption, brand differentiation & positioning that would enhance the firm’s competitive position in the market.


Teams were given case studies and necessary arrangements to create content in the form of presentation and they were seen thoroughly engaged in forming, exchanging, clarifying creative outputs over a span of four hours.

The second half of the competition saw teams giving the presentation to the judges of the event constituting of Asst. Prof. Steffi Prasad, Asst. Prof. Neerjang Lama & Asst. Prof. Arnab Sen. Students of Inspiria Knowledge Campus with utmost zest and fervour showcased various logo creations, interesting storylines and adoption strategies along with logo-enhanced brand differentiation and positioning, with each team asserting and clarifying their stance over their choice, rationale and perception on their presentation. They were questioned on various aspects of the competition by the judges to the event to understand how each team worked to attain their stated objective, their level of understanding of the competition in terms of brand management and marketing and on their presentation as a whole.


Sr. Faculty, Ms. Sherry George commented on the event by saying “it is through such high level of participation in such competitions that students get the required exposure and chance to express their creative selves in an orderly fashion.”

Finally the team that was adjudged to be the best among all was heralded as the winners to ‘LogoMotion’competition and the team members were Tiasha Sil – BMS 3rd yr, Mona Munda – BMS 3rd yr, Chandan Baheti – BBA 2nd yr and Akash Kumar Shah– BCA 3rd yr and they received a bumper cash prize and certificates of participation announcing the team as winners to the event.


All participating teams received certificates of participation and the competition was attended by members-of-faculty of Inspiria Knowledge Campus and other students of the institute.

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