Can AI Embedded Machines Think Like Human Beings?

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With the development of technology, human beings have become more and more dependent on machines. The reason being a person’s growing demand for extra comfort and easy life. An average human being in earlier times used to do the calculations quickly as compared to normal times taken to do the same in today’s times. The reason being that people are more dependent on the calculator for simple calculations.

The technology for computational operations started from a single PC to the internet network having multiple search engines to search the content on the network. It further went on advancing to devices having artificial intelligence such as Alexa where a search on the internet is being done through voice modulation or voice command. The human is so much dependent on machines that it has become the background of sci-fi stories like Transformer, Wall-E, Terminator, Star Trek, and much more.

So, the question is – whether the computer is carrying away the thinking ability of humans. The answer to the above question is NO. Because, whatever be the advancement in technology, the final thinking or the algorithm utilized for the particular operation to be accomplished is done by a human. It may be true that the speed of performing the task and accuracy is very high in machines in comparison to humans. One more positive thing about machines is that it is not affected by emotions. When a normal human being makes any decision, in some way or the other, it id done depending on previous experience or emotion attached to the particular situation or a person.

On the other side, a machine can do only those types of work for which training is provided or whose algorithm is fetched into its memory but it cannot solve a new problem all by itself. But a human being can think of the solution using its brain without any kind of training. A human being can explain the solution in different ways. According to the grasping capacity of the person whereas the machine will provide the same explanation to all person which may be difficult for some person to understand sometimes.

If the job is dealing with interaction with some sort of communication like customer feedback, then man is perfect as people are comfortable to interact with a person as compared to a machine. A normal human being has the presence of mind in adverse cases. For example, an airplane can fly in the sky in an autopilot mode but even today there is a requirement of a pilot in adverse cases to handle the situation which machine alone cannot handle.

Now the difference between machine and man comes to the point on the type of work to be performed. If the work is repetitive then the machine is perfect to perform as slowly humans will get bored and lose interest but if the work is creative kind, then man is perfect as the machine cannot think out of the box for some creative idea.

In short, to have a better world for our future generations both men and machines will require cooperation between them and with proper cooperation, it can lead to having humanoid robots like Sophia which has emotions along with its machinery components.

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