MAKE IN INSPIRIA 1.0: Nurturing Entrepreneurial Spirit Among College Students

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An entrepreneurial attitude among students is something that educational institutions are actively working to promote. Especially at a time when innovation and entrepreneurship are at the forefront of economic progress.

One such event – Make in Inspiria 1.0, conducted by the Department of BBA- Entrepreneurship recently took place at Inspiria Knowledge Campus. The students showcased their creativity and business acumen by developing saleable business model prototypes. The event, in which 18 teams participated overall, was a monument to the energy and skill of the young brains on our campus.

A Motivational Start

The programme began with a prayer and was followed by words of wisdom and motivation by our acclaimed Principal Dr.Indrajit Chatterjee, which set a positive and inspiring tone for the gathering. The teachers pushed the students to challenge themselves, think creatively, and accept the difficulties that come with starting their own business. The principal’s encouraging words set the tone for the event and instilled confidence in the participants.

The Journey of Innovation

Each team participating in Make in Inspiria 1.0 brought forth their unique ideas and worked tirelessly to transform them into tangible business models. The event witnessed a wide range of concepts, ranging from sustainable agriculture solutions to cutting-edge technology-based ventures. The teams exhibited their ability to identify market gaps, analyze consumer needs, and devise creative strategies to address them.

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Collaboration and Competition

The collaborative spirit among the participants was commendable. Students from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise joined forces, pooling their skills and knowledge to develop comprehensive and viable business plans. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as the teams shared insights, provided feedback, and helped one another refine their prototypes.

The Judging Process

To evaluate the teams’ prototypes, a panel of experienced judges meticulously inspected each project. These industry experts examined the feasibility, innovation, and market potential of the business models. The judges’ invaluable feedback not only helped the participants understand the strengths and weaknesses of their projects but also provided valuable insights for future improvements.

Prize Distribution Ceremony

The climax of Make in Inspiria 1.0 was the highly anticipated prize distribution ceremony. As the tension mounted, the winners were finally announced. Ms Prena Rai emerged as the champion, her innovative business model left a lasting impression on the judges. Ms Simran Subba, Ms Priyanka Sutradhar, Ms Shreya Goyal, and Ms Harsita Pandey secured the first runner-up position, showcasing their strong business acumen, while Ms Riya Tamang and Ms Abigail Jamang claimed the second runner-up spot with their exceptional presentation.


Make in Inspiria 1.0 was a resounding success, showcasing the immense potential and talent of the students at Inspiria Knowledge Campus and the efforts of the faculties of the Department of BBA- Entrepreneurship. The event not only provided a platform for budding entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into reality but also fostered a spirit of collaboration and healthy competition.

It was a celebration of innovation, where young minds were encouraged to take risks, think creatively, and embrace the challenges that come with entrepreneurship. Make in Inspiria 1.0 undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the participants, igniting their entrepreneurial spirit and paving the way for a brighter future.

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