Journey From a Garment Manufacturer To a Computer Programmer

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The 9th speaker for the Inspiring Story Series is a person who believes in the power of dreams, planning big, setting goals and working as a team to achieve and surpass the goals. An alumni of Don Bosco Mr.Manish Agarwal a businessman from Siliguri firmly believes that “the only limit that exist are the ones that we create”.

He is presently the member of Round Table India and Lions Club of Siliguri Terai well known for its Blood bank and 2 immunization centers which are doing selfless service for over 20 years.

He started his career as a garment manufacturer who later turned into the computer field. Now he heads a variety of work streams including Stock broking, Finance and money management, real estate, warehousing and pharmaceuticals. His latest venture is an eye hospital.

He also proposes to talk on the basic essentials that they need to know in any business facet of life such as planning, teamwork and motivation. So be here at 11.00 am to listen to Mr. Manish Agarwal.

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