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Manoj Mahanta

The consistent Manoj Mahanta of BCA 2nd year is our next feature for Rising Star. Shy and quiet by nature he has always being regular and consistent in his studies after his grade 10. Born to parents who are in the education industry he is very keen to be a part of the teaching fraternity. His vision for the future is a school which gives quality education to the students of the lower middle-class families. He feels that this desire might stay like a dream which cannot be fulfilled, but at the same time feels that there is no harm in dreaming.

Well, he is exceptional from most of the other students because the love of his life is mathematics. He enjoys doing maths and teaching it as well, he already has students all the way from Darjeeling. Manoj loves maths because he feels that the only subject which ultimately gives a solution. When asked how he gets so much energy to do maths, he said it’s his an hour of meditation everyday morning that helps him with his memory and concentration.


Manoj Mahanta being awarded for his academic excellence with his batch mates

Don’t consider him to be a nerd because he likes maths, he also has another passion that is sketching. Most of his sketches are elements from nature. He has a great desire to travel and his aim is to visit Ladakh after his graduation. But after making some money and settled in life he wishes to travel the world. Antarctica is a destination he wants to visit desperately. Another place of fascination for him is China, he is very curious to find out how they function as an economy.

An optimistic person who likes to take negative criticism also in the positive stride. A self-motivated person who takes the time to motivate and encourage his friends. One of the major aims in his life is to do research in the field of mathematics and also to do good for his family. Last but not the least he has bagged the top position among the students of all the stream. Inspiria is proud to have Manoj as one of our worthy students, and we wish him further success in pursuing his passion.

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