Details About Multimedia Course – Scope and Career Opportunities

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A Glimpse the Subject
Eligibility for pursuing Multimedia Course
Nature of the Course & it’s Details
Field of Scope For Multimedia Graduates
Career Profiles for Multimedia Graduates

A Glimpse the Subject

Multimedia course covers comprehensive and diverse aspects of the Media & Design industry. Such as text, audio, video, still images, graphics, animation, etc. It deals with the elements that can promptly be accessed or operated with digital electronic gadgets. Such as a computer, mobile, handheld games, etc. The field meets the bent of those who are keen on discovering about the diverse aspects of media and technology. Such as  film and video production, computer animation, graphics, interactive media, etc. Owing to the rise in the internet and technology, the demand for accurate information is on the constant rise. Perhaps, it’s the modernity and the advancement that has urged the world to delve into the comprehensive attributes of multimedia. It is one of the exciting & lucrative career sectors with boundless scope.

Eligibility for pursuing Multimedia Course

If you want to give an early head start to your career, then it would be ideal to start right after 10+2 level. A full-time degree in Multimedia course will open a host of career opportunities in diverse areas. To pursue the course, a candidate should pass 10+2 or equivalent program from any recognized educational board. The students who are studying in the final year or, waiting for their board exam results are eligible to enroll for the program. Students belonging to any stream (arts, science, commerce) with a passion for learning the subject are eligible.

Nature of the Course

Multimedia is an interdisciplinary program. The course of study focuses on evolving technologies, growing trends, and proper techniques of managing media. Compulsory coursework is involved in the study of multimedia. Subjects include computer animation, journalism, film and television studies, interactive media, brand-new tech, multimedia management, and video production.
The course will provide a comprehensive insight into the functioning of media through different forms of content. The course ideally renders technical knowledge and skills. Such as Graphics, Animation, Film making, and Reporting.
A full-time multimedia degree basically covers a number of general learning sessions. Such as English Composition and History. Major courses may cover – Art History, Video/Filmmaking, Digital Video Editing, Computer Graphics & Animation, Game Design with Flash, 2-D Design, Broadcast/TV production, Web Design, Digital Short Films, 3-D Computer Modeling.

The 3 years or full-time course is further divided into 6 semesters. Workshops, seminars, competitions, are conducted throughout the terms. The students get to attend internship programs in their 4th semester. During their final year, the student will complete their creative project, internship. By the time they graduate, they will have their own portfolio. The internship program is incorporated as a part of the curriculum. This is done to ensure adequate industry exposure and obtain practical learning experience by the students.

Field of Scope For Multimedia Graduates

A wide range of career scopes exists that aligns with the multimedia degree. A multimedia graduate can explore diverse and exciting career pathways. The field that is directly related to multimedia course involves the following.

  1. Animation Industry
  2. Film and Television Industry
  3. Institutions & Schools of Multimedia

Career Profiles for Multimedia Graduates

Multimedia is the crux for digitally conveying the visual entertainment and information to a wide range of audience. From broadcasting live news to disclosing the historical myths, sports, entertainment, health, spirituality, culinary, travel, animals, and the list goes on. Thus, a multimedia grad can choose from a wide range of career profile as per one’s liking. Be it entertainment, IT, television, digital print & publishing houses, they’re always a huge demand for the right skills and trained professionals. Common job profiles for fresh graduates in the entertainment industry include:
1. Multimedia Artist
2. Digital Camera Operator
3. Film & Video Editor
4. Animator
5. Graphic designer
6. Photographer

Multimedia graduates with a passion for creativity, innovation, and technology can enter into IT sector, gaming, animation industry. Their skills and knowledge are required for enhancing and strengthening the brand voice and image. Be it through animation, designs, advanced gaming systems, or through texts. Multimedia grads willing to enter the IT, gaming or relevant industry can choose to work as any of the following.
1. Web Designer
2. Advertising manager
3. Media director
4. Media Analyst/strategist

Besides the mentioned above career roles, the most prevailing or common professions for the multimedia grads include, filmmaker, art director, journalist, anchor, copy blogger, marketing analyst, advertising account executive, etc. If you want, you can work as a freelancer. Entrepreneurship is another best alternative for executing your skills, knowledge, creativity, and innovative concepts.

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