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Arithmophobia – Fear of Maths: Common problem faced by students. Mathematics is a basic necessity- even to learn or count the number of fingers on our hands. So, there is no way to escape from ‘Mathematics’. Most of the students fear, dislike mathematics also find it difficult as a subject.

Now, here the question arises is – what is fear? Fear – is an anxious feeling, caused by our anticipation of some imagined event or experience. It’s the thought of failure in mathematics which actually causes the fear in the mind of the students. Students, when the learning process is complete, there is no need to fear mathematics. The thumb rule of learning is: “The stronger the sense, the better is the learning; and more is the recall, the better is the memory.”

  • Sight: use of eye- see and register the numerics.
  • Hear: use of ears- hear and follow the steps.
  • Touch: use of skin- write & practice the formulae and steps
  • Re-do: without seeing & hearing- use the formulae in the steps by recalling.
  • Exercise: Recall all the formulae learnt before sleeping at night and revise after waking up the next morning.

Maths is a formula and steps based subject which is actually a more easy subject in comparison to other subjects. But unfortunately, it’s seen that students face more complexity and difficulty in this particular subject. Theoretical subjects need more time to be allotted for the preparation. Whereas, maths is only one subject which can be taking care of in minimal time.

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Important tips which can help you do humongous well in your board exams:

  • Students don’t need to study mathematics all day and night. Choose a duration of two hours (2hrs) when you can not concentrate on reading and feel the need to freshen up. Advice to listen to instrumental music and practice sums.
  • Need to understand the concept very carefully. Never ever shy away from asking any doubts. There is the internet today where from various forums one can clear their doubts without hesitation.
  • After one understands the concept, write all possible formulae, graph, short points in separate sheets in clean handwriting and keep it beside your study table, paste it on the walls of the bedrooms. It’s an effort you need to do only once but it matters and it benefits in a long time.
  • Try to solve sample question papers and previous question papers in a examination room environment. Like, for example, take a question paper, fresh set of answer sheets, or a separate, long notebook, and a timer. And dont forget to sit in a secluded place away from the noise and disturbance and stay away from the notes, books etc. This drill/exercise helps in getting rid of the fear of the exam of mathematics. Do it more often.
  • Examination hall: Panic attack is a commonly heard problem. If one fails to solve one question this builds the panic and eventualy the fear, resulting in blackout. This happens due to stress and exam anxiety- so suggested to carry sweets and drink water, start afresh.Thus, if one dedicatedly follows the rules and tips mentioned above can easily score high in mathematics. So, no need to fear mathematics.

Thus, if one dedicatedly follows the rules and tips mentioned above can easily score high in mathematics. So, no need to fear mathematics.

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