Inspiria Sustainability club join hands with Inspiria Toastmasters club to promote awareness on sustainability and environmental conservation

The Toastmasters speakers today engaged in a humane session of preserving, pleasing and protecting our mother earth. The carefully crafted topics split in-depth thoughts with a perfect mix of emotional and intellectual content. This was a great way to share a perfect diversity of sustainability affairs, an impressive manner to frame discussions and a great way to discover new ideas and perspectives. The attendees were indeed enthralled by the contemporary outlook of the concourse and they indeed took back something substantial and of emblazoned value.

promote awareness on sustainability and environmental conservation


A thought-provoking morning with a lot of insight on different aspects on saving mother nature. The collaboration of the two clubs also saw faces of many new guests who seemed to have enjoyed the session equally. Since the sustainability club was a part of this session of Toastmasters all topics were consigned to the theme and revolved around preserving and paying attention to Mother Earth’s convalescence caused by the human activity.

promote awareness on sustainability and environmental conservation


Inspiria Sustainability Club keens on spreading a message on environmental conservation. The Inspiria Sustainability Club has been continuing this practice since Environment day to promote their “Go Green” initiative. This is a move to create awareness about global warming and sustainability. The Inspiria Sustainability Club has also been taking initiatives to plant trees and running campaign regarding sustainability. Inspiria Sustainability Club and Inspiria Toastmaster Club planted trees sampling in the Inspiria Knowledge Campus and spread the awareness for the green environment.


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