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After having cooked heavy meals over the period of two days the Culinary Arts students planned to make something light for everyone at Inspiria. Their mentor Chef Sudipta Mukherjee, a veteran at cookies, after brain storming decided to make butter cookies which is loved by all.

The idea was supported by all the students who were thrilled at the opportunity to learn something new from their mentor.

“Cookie” word is derived from the Dutch word ‘Koekje’, which means “Little Cake”. Over the 15 years “Sudipta’s Gourmet Cookies”, especially the famous butter cookies have been great to share with near and dear ones. With easy cookie delivery available across the world, no matter where your friend, family may stay it’s easy to send cookie gifts and deliver happiness.


Ingredients Quantity

For short paste

  • Refined flour: 100 gms
  • Butter fat: 100gms
  • Icing sugar: 40gms
  • Salt: 1 gm
  • Vanilla Essence: few drops

For topping

  • Mix fruit jam 100gms (grated)


Make the paste in sugar butter method.

Keep 10 mints for rest in refrigerator

Put the paste in a piping bag.

Pipe out the paste on a baking sheet

put the jam drops in each cookies

Keep on a greased tray apart from each other.

Bake at 160 dig c.for 15 mints.

After the cookies were made everyone at Inspiria got a taste of it. The cookies were crisp and crunchy leaving a beautiful taste in the mouth. This endeavor was highly successful leaving everyone who tasted it licking their lips and wanting more.

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