Rendezvous with Rabindranath

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This World Tourism Day Inspiria Knowledge Campus and Department of Tourism, Govt. Of West Bengal confluenced to commemorate Tagore’s concept of ‘Atithi’ on the 27th September, 2016 in Dinabandhu Mancha, Siliguri. In the esteem presence of veterans like Tagore Professor Dr. Amitrasudan Bhattacharya, through an execution of role-play an effort was made to harmonise between Tagore’s intensive interaction with his host/ hostess, which includes names like Hellen Keller to WB Yeats who are spread across South America to North Bengal. The oeuvre that brought the essence of roaming, relationships, rendezvous with Rabindranath commenced with a charming prefatory performance by students from Inspiria Knowledge Campus – Jyoti Saha, Keshav Lahoti, Paridhi Agarwal and Sweta Gupta. The entire drama was narrated by three narrators representing three time – past, present and future and the narrators were intellectuals from Siliguri, like Prof. Taposh Chatterjee.

The drama-function was executed in the French format of Rendezvous harmonizing a drama based on Tagore’s fervent short story Atithi and talk show with an initiative to highlight Bengal’s ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’. The bohemianism was also the theme of the role-play.

This hitherto hidden and a never before seen role play that has the sensation between Tagore and W.B Yeats, Victoria Ocampo and several of their ilks was a tribute to these great soles with a message of travelling and celebrating North Bengal. Mr. Priyadarshi Sen – son of author Maitreyi Devi who became hostess to Tagore during his stay in North Bengal, appreciated Inspiria Knowledge Campus and Department of Tourism, Govt.of West Bengal for bonding Tagore and Tourism so nicely on World Tourism Day.

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