Sangeeta Reddy – A Woman And An Entrepreneur

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In an era where empowerment of women is a much debated issue, we often come across women entrepreneurs who have successfully carved independent careers.

For our 6th session of Inspiring Story Series at Inspiria on July 18, it is a pleasure for us to introduce a women entrepreneur who has the confidence and ability to undertake in-depth analysis and take decisions at crucial junctures. Mrs.Sangeeta Reddy, director of Reddy Health Care Pvt. Ltd believes that she is the face of her organization and on her shoulder rests the responsibility of meeting the short and long-term goals of her organization.

She started her career as a faculty at the Gyan Jyoti College but later on ventured into being an entrepreneur. Mrs. Reddy comes from a well-educated and groomed background, having a double MA to her credit. She went on to complete M Phil and MBA and is a keen lover of poetry as well, having penned a few herself.

She believes that Interpersonal Communication is one of the most important aspect of an Organization. For those of you who would be attending this session, she will give an account of her story as well as a talk on “INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION: LIFE BLOOD OF AN ORGANIZATION”

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