Sangeeta Reddy: A Relentless Struggle for Success

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The Entrepreneur Who Fought All Odds!

The sixth session of Inspiring Story Series saw an empowering talk from the Director of Reddy Health Care Pvt Ltd., Mrs. Sangeeta Reddy. She spoke about her life experience which was very enthralling. She had to give up her dream of becoming a lawyer at a very young age because the society in which she lived did not think that it was apt career for a girl to become a professional lawyer.

In fact right from her childhood Mrs Reddy had to sacrifice many things for her family. But she did not lose hope and let her dreams die. Searching within herself she finally discovered her purpose in life which was to become an entrepreneur. Through all the thick and thin in her life it was her hard work that had kept her going.

She had always been a workaholic and a risk taker in life. She encouraged the students to take well calculated risks and never give up. She captivated the hearts of the students with her life story.

Mrs. Sangeeta Reddy feels that Interpersonal Communication is the life line of an organization. So she also discussed the need of good communication, its different aspects, how it helps and the difficulties in becoming an effective communicator. The students were motivated to never give up whatever the odds in life may be.

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