When Failure is the Pillar of Success

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The Amazing Story of Avijit Das

What typically happens if for some reason or the other you happen to do badly in your exams? Worse still when you fail altogether?
The first reaction is that of sympathy to be followed up by dismissal. The collective feedback is that you’re a “gone case”, and there is no hope for you, so better go and become a door-to-door salesman! Not the ideal way to stand by someone in distress but that’s the way it’s has always been in our society (and if you ask me in most societies across the world!).

Bus as Tagore stated “it’s not the falling, but the way you recover from the fall is what matters!” No one knows this better than Avijit Das, an entrepreneur of Siliguri who founded a software firm named Disha Web Experts.

It was his dream to study Pharmacy at college. But financial constraints came in the way. So he decided to pursue BCA without having an inkling as to what the course was all about! The consequence was disastrous! Avijit failed badly in his first semester. Anyone else would have given it all up. Not Avijit. He rallied himself and vowed to get to the bottom of the subject. Hard work and relentless struggle followed. In all the six semesters Avijit topped the batch ending with a high first class. He was awarded the best student in his college.

It was at this point that he started his business as a student, but funds were low and the struggle continued. To raise funds he worked in another company and also took tuition assignments. Today, he has a business that serves 15 states in India. Not only this, Avijit is the proprietor of the first web development company in Siliguri that provides Industrial Training to IT and B.Tech students. A man who has proved that nothing can stop his way to success.

In our next Inspiria Inspiring Story Series, we will be happy to present Mr. Avijit Das Founder and CEO of Disha Web Experts, who will share his exciting and inspiring story with you. We are sure you would love to hear it. So do be present at 11 a.m. as usual this coming Saturday at the conference room in our campus. See you there!

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