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International Tiger’s Day is held annually on July 29th to give worldwide attention to the epidemic of possible extinction of the tigers. This day was founded at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit in 2010. Many organizations pledged to help the wonderful creatures who have come close to extinction.

The goal and aim of this day is to promote the protection and expansion of the wild tiger’s habitats and to gain support through raising awareness for Tiger conservation.

With the wild tigers being as low as 3,200 in number, poaching of tiger’s is the most immediate danger faced by them at this point. The other important factor for the decline of the tiger numbers is the cutting down of forests and shortage of food for the national animal.

Organizations like World Wildlife Fund (WWF) along with various other corporates and governments have come together to work against poaching with zero tolerance against the heinous crime.

News Corporations and big business houses are working together to save the national animal of the country like the NDTV-Aircel Save the Tiger Campaign.
We as a society and community need to come together and work against the menace if we want that our future generations see the National Animal of India with their own eyes in reality and just not in books and pictures.

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