Shiladitya Ghosh – A young editor with great potential

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Shiladitya Ghosh– a simple, matured, understanding and a sensitive young boy with a creative and beautiful mind. He is down to earth and a person with a heart of gold. He cares for his peers and friends and acts like a support system to them when needed. Shiladitya, popular as “Ady” among his friends has tremendous expectations from his life. He works equally hard to turn his expectations into reality. Presently, pursuing Bachelors of Media Science with Inspiria Knowledge Campus. He has developed the aptitude for writing.

“Literature has always been my weapon and my biggest strength. When I was approached with the opportunity to be a chief-editor for the college magazine I knew at my core this opportunity is not to be let down. I am an avid reader. I like reading books, I believe it’s a gateway to the land of imaginations.”

Shiladitya is driven by the passion within him. He has an every-ready attitude towards learning- a thirst for learning which does not seem to quench at any point. This zeal towards learning makes him stand out of the rest. The quest and eager to know more and more- personifies him as an ‘Editor’. He is all agog.

Ady (Shiladitya)- is leading our college magazine as ‘Editor-in -chief ‘. He is also the in-charge for the write-ups of a travel magazine (digital) “Explorea-the unexplored to explore”. He takes the initiative and leads the team with a good team spirit – demonstrating his potential to succeed as future Editor.

He is zealous and has an insight of what he aspires to be. An organised and dedicated students with remarkable perseverance in life. We are honoured to have such students who dare to makes his dreams into reality.

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