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Small Business ideas under 10000

“Be Your Own Boss” this line strikes a chord with so many but only a handful of people can really go with it. Because being your own boss means you should be capable enough to discipline yourself so that you can bring your vision to life. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, relentless efforts and sometimes various sacrifices to start and run a business. Many people at times are ready to put in all the above mentioned but still they never go ahead and start a business. Sometimes people have the greatest and most unique business idea but they fail to execute it or never let it see the light of the day. And one of the huge reasons behind people’s fear of starting a business is not its failure but the capital i.e. startup cost.

A capital is indeed a driving force of the business but it doesn’t mean it is always fixed. The capital size or the size of the start up cost depends on the size and kind of the business you are about to start. So no, you don’t always or necessarily need to have a million dollar bank balance to start a business. There are some businesses you can start with minimum capital as low as just rupees 10,000 with as much potential and scalability as any other business. Below are small business ideas under 10000.
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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the most demanded modern day solutions. Businesses have realized the power of social media in promoting their existence. Number of social media platforms are gradually increasing and this means an increase in the medium for promotion. More and more businesses are hiring a special/dedicated team for just social media marketing. Now is the perfect opportunity for anyone to endeavour into this field. All it requires is a few skills, creative mindset and social media knowledge. As far as the hard resources are concerned you would only be needing a laptop/computer and a wifi connection.

Catering to businesses and people who are not marketing savvy can be an idealistic approach to take this business forward. With the surge of this never ending pandemic more and more businesses are turning to online platforms and they struggle to make their social media presence. These companies require someone who can manage their social media and market their products effectively. You can provide these services from the comfort of your own home, pitching them social media campaigns and marketing campaigns. It’s a win-win situation for both companies.


Youtube has grown like nothing else in the last decade, but it has seen a significant increase in new accounts in the last year. As everyone became cooped up at home, people began to turn to YouTube for entertainment, and some even turned it into a new business. From random people to celebrities, everyone took advantage of this opportunity to make their presence known on YouTube. It is a great source of income for those with a creative streak. One can easily make a name for themselves on YouTube with the right amount of creativity, skills, and execution.

All you need is your smartphone to start this business. To start off, once you are clear on your idea and vision for your channel you can shoot and even edit the video on your smartphone. If you have a laptop and a computer you can use various video editing softwares which may give you more creative options than mobile applications. Also, make full use of social media platforms to attract viewers and subscribers by promoting your content using various marketing skills.

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Blogging Website

Starting a blog just needs a little bit of good writing and a passion for anything you want to write and voila there you have it an awesome business with scalability. Whether you want to write about travel, fashion, daily stories, food, skin care or anything else all you need is passion and a knowledge in that field. Anyone tech savvy can start this business. There are lot of website building and hosting sites these days which only cost a few thousand rupees and work on a subscription basis. Things have become much easier and you can single handedly run your website i.e. write content, design the layout etc.

Blogs have been one of the most attractive career options ever since long but blogging has found a whole new meaning in this era more than ever. With lockdowns, as more and more people are opting for things online, blogging has become quite popular. Amp up your writing with some cool pictures and post von a consistent basis. Once you start getting decent traction you can post ads on your website and earn from them. Make use of social media platforms to promote your website by creating a dedicated page and posting contents related to your blogs.

Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing is another on demand profession which can be a profitable business in itself. The need for creative aspects in every field is increasing day by day. If you already have the skill set required for graphic designing and the equipment (Computer, softwares etc) starting this business doesn’t require anything more. Just spread the word about your services and once you get the clients you can start working. One way to promote your work and designs is via social media i.e. create a page for your design business on all social media platforms, post your designs there. This way your potential clients will be able to approach you more easily as it kind of works as your portfolio.

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Online Fitness

Several trainers and fitness experts turned to the internet to share their expertise with other fitness enthusiasts as the pandemic hit. And this can be considered an awesome opportunity to turn your fitness expertise into a business. Assuming that you are a fitness expert you won’t be needing much of a capital go ahead with the idea. All you would need is a camera, laptop and a strong internet connection. No equipment fitness is already a trend these days so all you need is your body along with a fitness mat.

As this sector has gained momentum, it is still very likely that most people might stick to it. Start demonstrating your fitness routine online and there you have it, an online fitness business. To promote your business you can make use of all that free social media platforms. Create a dedicated page for your business and post fitness related content to gain traction and ultimately gain potential customers. Creating a website alongside would also help your business gain popularity and attract customers.

Online Dance

Another business idea similar to online fitness would be online dance. Many people prefer dance as an alternative to exercising. It is a highly enjoyed activity among the youth and as youtube rose, the enthusiasm of dance among people gained an equal amount of popularity. Learning dance suddenly became easier for people who usually shied away from it. This is a great example of how online dance can be a great business for people with a niche in dancing To garner an audience one can start by opening a youtube dance channel and once that becomes fairly popular you can turn it into a business. Once again social media plays a huge role in promoting your business so make sure the first thing you do is create social media pages on all platforms and promote your work.

Online Tution Service

Tuition services have been one of the best side jobs to earn money but what if you turn it into a full time business. It is possible by taking the classes online. Since the major resource needed for this is knowledge and a skill so there is not much of a capital to put in this business. Anyone with a little bit of a smart mind and good communication skills can pull it off. Apart from the knowledge and skills part all you would be needing is a laptop/computer and a good internet connection along with a white board and other stationery. Right now is actually a perfect time to start an online tuition business as the education sector is now partially online. It has suffered greatly as a result of the pandemic.

Due to the closure of educational institutions around the world, students were forced to convert their homes into classrooms. This resulted in a massive increase in the number of online education platforms and services. In retrospect, this also created a massive industry for tutors and anyone with a desire to teach. Most children and parents these days are only a zoom call away, so creating a tuition platform over zoom classes can be beneficial. Market your business in the neighbourhood, and once you have enough kids from the neighbourhood and the batch is up and running, you can branch out and grow the business.

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Card Making

good small business ideas

Card making business may sound a little vintage but it certainly has its charms. You can add even more charm to this business by taking it online. An online deliverable card business – doesn’t it already sound fantastic! To initiate this business all you need is a creative eye and be tech savvy as you would be required to use softwares and printing devices to make cards. The cost of setting up this business wouldn’t be like setting up other startups since you wouldn’t be needing huge business space or multiple priced equipment. Although you would definitely need a strong internet connection, a website and social media presence. Building a website has become really simple and inexpensive with various hosting sites such as Squarespace and WordPress. Once you have built a slightly well numbered customer base you can take this business and notch higher by offering customized cards.

Online Home Bakery

Homemade, home cooked, and home baked food always wins over any dish prepared in a commercial kitchen. The warmth of the home is reflected in the dish that emerges from the kitchen. If you enjoy baking and are constantly going around the house making new cookies and cakes, why not make money from it? If you are into baking you must already have the basic baking equipment at home and this makes things a lot easier starting a baking business.

Considering the above fact, you won’t be needing to invest mucha rather than on quality ingredients and packaging materials. Research thoroughly and create your own speciality, whether it’s a flavorful cake cookie or another baked item. Marketing your business is critical; create a small website or simply a social media account for your company. First, market your baked goods in your neighbourhood, hand out samples and solicit feedback on your website, and promote them on social media.

Content Developer/Writer

Before you read any further take it in mind that this business is completely different from blogging. In your blog business you write for your own business however in Content Writing business you offer your services to other businesses. In today’s business world, content development has become a huge deal. Words carry weight; weave those words in a clever way, and magic is created. Content development is not for everyone, but those who enjoy writing can clearly succeed in it. Begin your content writing business by providing services to a variety of businesses and writing platforms. Pitch your writing style to those companies and demonstrate your writing versatility. Set up a website where you can post your write-ups or begin blogging on various topics to get a head start. You can even use social media to promote your business while showcasing your writing skills.

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Travel Agency

Best Small Business Ideas

Tourism and Travel is huge in India. Although the industry is in a pause like situation right now as soon as the normalcy hits back it would be booming again. You can start a travel agency just with a laptop but you need the right knowledge and vision. So when starting off just focus on a single area i.e. in a single state or a particular location. Study more than you need to about the places you are offering travel experiences to because research is key. Partner with local hotels, homestays, restaurants and drivers. Partnering is one of the easiest ways to market and grow your travel business.

Make your customers your priority over anything because a good service leads to good feedback from the clients and that feedback will help you make a name in the industry and reach out to more potential clients. Collaboration with a host-agency is the most cost-effective way to start a home-based travel agency. You will benefit from speed (they will help you get your ARC, CLIA, or IATA number faster), convenience (they will perform all of the “back-end functions”), and they will help you earn higher commissions and keep your costs low. While the prices vary depending on the host agencies, the initial costs wouldn’t exceed the 10K mark.

Handyman Services

small business ideas

As much as this is a great business idea it can even open job opportunities for many. If there are any technical handymen and women in your neighbourhood you can use their expertise to create a win-win situation for both you and them. You create a business where you offer various services related to electricity, plumbing, cleaning, gardening etc. As a business developer the only thing you need to focus on is attracting clients and these unsung heroes will help with the expert work.

You won’t need an army to start off, just 1 or 2 handymen and strong marketing skills. As everything works online these days, create a social media presence to promote your business and the services it offers. Highlight the uniqueness of your business along with a focus on quality of work. Once the business takes off you would be generating employment all the while growing your business.

Homemade Products

small business ideas

Do you always get a kick out of making new things and do-it-yourself projects around the house? Then this business idea could be ideal for you. Every family has a specialty that is unique to their home. This can be a special heart-warming recipe or a unique item. This is the point at which starting a home business becomes simple. You can turn that specialty into a full-fledged business. Playing to your strengths proves to be far more profitable (not exactly just in terms of money).

First and foremost, you are familiar with the product, which saves time on research and development. You can use the saved time in other areas of your business like design, building a website, marketing etc. All of this can be done from the comfort of your home. If you want to take a more creative route you can even indulge in developing a totally new product for your business. This business doesn’t need a lot of investment in anything rather than just raw materials to make the products and some packaging materials.

Homemade Jam

small business ideas

Everyone enjoys jam, don’t they? To begin with, they are delicious, so who can possibly resist that deliciousness? No one, I bet. So why not start a jam company? If only everyone could pull it off. The good news is that anyone can make a jar of jam; the trick is to know how to bring out the deliciousness.. If you don’t already know how to make jam, you can find tons of tutorials and recipes online. Once you’ve learned the basics of how to make a jam, practice it. Experiment with different flavours to see how they work; if you like any of the new flavour combinations, you can make that your signature product.

If you are confident in your abilities, proceed to run the business. Pay special attention to packaging, and concentrate on what your brand stands for. Promote it on various social media platforms to attract new customers. Assuming that you already know how to make jam you don’t need to invest a lot in anything other than quality ingredients to make the jam or the packaging materials.

Event Management

small business ideas

Event managers spend very little time in the office. They excel at networking and management, visiting hundreds of venues, meeting sponsors, scheduling performances, and basically being on the field 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, their demand is centred on their brand image and popularity, which can be enhanced with an effective online marketing strategy. The overall startup cost for starting an event managing company, on the other hand, is very low. You single handedly or with a partner can run the company. What matters is a strong social media presence for the branding of the company, a website and excellent client handling and management skills.

Homemade Candles

small business ideas

Candles are a popular modern home accessory that is enjoyed by the majority of people. It gradually lost sight of its original purpose and discovered a new one entirely i.e as home decor items. Scented candles are popular for aromatherapy, and people also enjoy using candles as decorative items. As far as the investment is concerned it isn’t as high as compared to other high scale businesses because of the raw material cost and the fact that you are starting this business at home. Homemade candles is a business with a lot of potential, one of the main reasons being the possibilities there are to scale up this business. From flavours, to shapes, to catering to various markets there are a lot of possibilities.

Candle making is also a relatively simple business to start, and if you enjoy getting your hands dirty with DIY projects, this could be the perfect one for you. This requires a great deal of imagination, as well as, as with any other business, a clear vision. Concentrate on what your product is about and design around it. Pay close attention to the colours, logo, and website design, among other things. Create a social media handle and let people know about your product beforehand. Market it locally and give them around the shops in your neighbourhood and city. If you wish to make your products available outside your city, connect with a shiping/delivery service provider which may make things easier or you can even make use of the existing postal services.


If you are already into photography and have the basic equipment needed for it i.e. a camera then turning it into a business is just as easy as squeezing a lemon. Without considering the camera’s cost, as an aspiring photographer looking to work on independent projects, the only investment you need to make is your time in building your online profile. Create a website and social media pages on all platforms. Start posting your photography work on these platforms to create an online presence. The traction you gain in social media can be considered the percentage of potential clients you are attracting. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and not confine yourself to a single kind of photography as far as your business is concerned.

Fruit Juice Corner


This is one of the most simple business ideas. All you need is a small corner (for your shop) in your desired location To get started in this lucrative business, first you must apply for a permit to open the shop or get a business license. The only heavy cost in this business would be paying for the space. Aside from that, the only other investment is the purchase of raw materials and supplies. If you are doing the job yourself you would also need to hire an employee for making the product. Juice corners also make a huge name with a bit of creativity and uniqueness to the flavours.

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Online Seller

It is not a secret that online businesses performed well in 2020. Even during the pandemic, and that online is the way to do business in the new normal world and in the future. Opening an online store/business is a better option than opening a physical store. Though starting a business online does not guarantee instant success, it does require time, dedication, and patience, just like any other business. Your online store can sell anything from clothing to beauty and skincare products to groceries. To start it under rupees 10K start with minimal items or low cost items such as stationary, accessories and knick-knacks. Initially only make it available local i.e use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as your shop.

Online Jewellery

Anyone with a creative eye and an interest in DIY can start making jewellery. Some people are born with a lot of hand magic and can make some amazing things. If you fall into this category, learning how to make jewellery may not be too difficult for you. Begin by creating your designs, and then refine them using the materials. You can sell your jewellery on the internet. When selling something online, one of the most important factors to consider is branding.

You must effectively market your products by creating a social media account and posting appealing images. Run marketing campaigns like giveaway contests and buy one get one free offers or discount offers to attract potential customers. Initially only make it available locally i.e use social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as your shop. To attract potential customers, run marketing campaigns such as giveaway contests and buy one get one free or discount offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to start a business under Rs 10,000/- you should work your idea around what you already have. For example everybody has a smartphone these days. That single device can act as your ad agency, marketing agency etc. Now work on the product or the service you want to sell. Make sure it is something you know best like anything homemade or DIY-ed. These kinds of items need a lesser amount of raw materials but results in awesome and creative end products. To sum it up, if you want to start your project on a low budget, invest in what you are already good at.

Yes, you can definitely start a business with just Rs 10,000/- in India. All it takes is some skills, passion and dedication along with proper research. Some of the businesses to get started with are Online Seller, Graphic Design, Online Bakery, Handyman Services etc. 

Some of the business to start under rupees 10,000/- are Online Tuition Centre, Travel Agency, Online Seller, Graphic Design, Online Bakery, Handyman Services, Online Fitness, Online Dance, Online Jewellery, Online Bakery, Content Development, Social Media Marketing etc

You can easily start these businesses with only 10K Online Tuition Centre, Travel Agency, Online Seller, Graphic Design, Online Bakery, Handyman Services, Online Fitness, Online Dance, Online Jewellery, Online Bakery, Content Development, Social Media Marketing etc

For a part time business with Rs 10,000/- you can give a try on online business. Like selling things off on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Ex. Online Thrift Shop for Clothes, Online Accessories Shop, Online Bakery, Online Stationery Shop etc.

To start a successful business, you first need a strong idea for a product or service you want to sell. Then, you must do thorough research to ensure you’re making informed decisions. If you’re starting with a budget of just 10,000 rupees, you’ll need to cut costs by avoiding expenses like office space or hiring employees. Consider a business idea that you can manage from your home using your smartphone, computer, and internet connection. Fortunately, there are many scalable business ideas that can be launched with a budget of 10k or less. You’ll need to invest time in researching and finding the best solutions for your business.

There are lots of small business ideas that you can start with just Rs 10,000/-. You just need to have the right knowledge, patience, persistence and invest time on research.

Some of the business startups under 10K  are Online Tuition Center, Travel Agency, Online Seller, Graphic Design, Online Bakery, Handyman Services, Online Fitness, Online Dance, Online Jeweler, Online Bakery, Content Development, Social Media Marketing etc

Some of the best food businesses for 10000 Rupees would be Online Bakery, Fruit Juice Centre, Homemade Achar Business etc.

Social Media Marketing, Online Tuition Centre, Travel Agency, Online Seller, Graphic Design, Online Bakery, Handyman Services, Online Fitness, Online Dance, Online Jewellery, Online Bakery, Content Development etc. are some of the best businesses to open with Rs 10K-20K.

Yes there are plenty of businesses like Online Tuition Centre, Travel Agency, Online Seller, Graphic Design, Online Bakery, Online Accessories, Online Stationery, Online Card Making, Online Fitness, Online Dance, Online Jewellery, Online Bakery which can be started with 10,000/-  Rupees. 

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