Study tips and tricks for the night before the exam

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Study tips and tricks for the night before the exam

Study tips and tricks for the night before the exam – Cramming notes a night before the exams could be worse than a nightmare in a student’s life. Throughout your life, you go through various phases of learning. Amongst which, the examination is one of them. If you have been touch with the studies and have prepared well, then you’re less likely to get stressed and nervous a night before the exam.

If you have procrastinated and have delayed your studies for the last moments, the situation becomes much stressful. However, if you pay attention, work hard with determination and optimism, then you can learn so much more in those few hours and can do well in your exams.

1. Draft a list of essential Terms, Ideas

You know its impossible to study the entire textbook in a single night. So, do a quick reading of your syllabus and gather the most important information, ideas, and terms. You can know about the importance of a topic if it has repeatedly come up in the previous exams, highlighted or underlined in the textbook. If you understand the core of a topic, then you will get external knowledge about the relevant topics as well. While going through your notes, set a break time of 30 minutes after every 2 hours so that your mind is refreshed. Pick questions from the previous years, and study the answers for the probable questions.

2. Find the summarized chapters in the Textbook

A well-drafted and a well-designed textbook contain summaries of each section at the end of each chapter. If you’re running short of time, read the entire summaries instead of reading just half of the chapter. If you have the supplements that have been provided in the class, study them thoroughly. You should focus on the sections that are highlighted and those that are bolded as introduction, importance, features, Conclusion, Definition, or summary. The highlighted part will make it easier for you to segregate one part from the another and study effectively.

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3. Shut down or limit the distractions

Mobile phones are the greatest distractions as it is the most convenient way to access every possible social media platforms. No matter how much you spend your regular days on social media site, you should restrict yourself from indulging too long on social media sites during the exams. Its okay to take a break for some time from the face of the world wide web. It could start with the urge to Google the name of a term that might come in the exam, but due to your habit of accessing the social media sites, you might end up an hour later laughing over a pet video. You need to drop out of the social network for a few days. Studying without distractions assures effective study and for the long run.

4. Rest well and eat well

Majority of the students are more likely to neglect their health, eating habits, and sleeping patterns in the process of exam preparation. The students who are academically weak and those that neglect and procrastinate throughout the year end up waking up the whole night for cramming the notes. However, neglecting health will not only make you sick but also prevents you from studying properly. Thus, no matter how much you’ve prepared, but the night before the exam, make sure you get plenty of sleep so that your mind and body remain rejuvenated throughout the exam. You should even pay attention to your diet as junk foods will drive you sick. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

5. Believe in Yourself and Don’t stress

It’s hard not to feel nervous or to get the feeling of anxiety during exams. However, you need to understand that exams are not threats. Nor, it is held to cause tension and panic among students. Exams are another interesting phase of learning that paves the way for better understanding of a subject or a thing. Imagine yourself doing well in every exam, believe in your abilities. Remember, your examinations questions are set according to the things that are already being taught in the class. Thus, there is nothing to worry about. Don’t stress and prevent the tension and nervousness by indulging in quick deep breathing or meditation.

Cramming your notes shortly before the exams may work for the short term. However, if you want to gain the in-depth knowledge about a subject for the long run, then relying on the last minute tricks and tips will be ineffective. Thus, we recommend you to stay in touch with your studies from the beginning of the academic year so that when you graduate from an institution, you do so proudly and happily with a head filled with knowledge.

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