Top 10 Secrets To Be a Successful Student

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From scoring good grades to excelling at the extracurriculars, from being humble to being bright, there is a list of attributes that collectively make a student successful. Whether you are studying in high school or at a college, your habits, choices, your personality contribute to a tremendous scale for attaining success in your academics. Also, they influence your future or, your career.

The truth is, we all aspire to achieve success. Everyone covets for that #1. position in the exam and strives to excel in extracurricular activities. But, what draws that desired success? Well, you don’t have to be someone with peculiar gifts to be successful. You can practice a few simple things in your life to gain success. So, this blog enlists the top 10 secrets to be a successful student. Let’s get started.

#1. Work hard.

99.9% of hard work contributes to success. Dreams don’t come true until you work for it. So, even if a person has inborn gifts but fails to practice it, he will eventually lose it. If a person with no inborn gift works hard to gain certain skills, he will master it. Hard work is essential because there are no alternatives to success. Successful people in the world are hard workers and successful students are not an exemption.

#2. Consistency.

Suppose, you attended a seminar addressed by a motivational speaker. You hear the success story and you get motivated to work hard towards your goal. You begin working hard for a few weeks or months then you stop gradually. This is the reason why not every dreamer gets success. The majority amongst the crowd slack in their paths and stop making further progress. However, despite the hardships, you should remain steadfast with your purpose.

#3. Being responsible.

Learn to develop a sense of responsibility towards the things that matter. Don’t wait for your teacher to provide you with the course syllabus, class schedules, and notes. If you are keen on joining a club, don’t wait for your peer’s validation for becoming a part of it. Don’t wait until the last moment to submit your assignments. Be responsible for the time that you own as well.

#4. Prioritizing studies.

Never procrastinate regarding the studies. Remember, it’s impossible to cram the entire syllabus within a week before the exam. Never ignore the importance of class tests. Do your homework and finish your classwork within the stipulated time. Ensure to do a thorough study of the chapters that are taught in the class every day. It is the best way to unburden and prevent the chapters from stacking up.

#5. Being organized.

Organizational skill is the root of success. Make sure to develop this skill as early as possible for this will help you in the long run. Draft a plan first, then prepare a schedule for the work that is required to be done. Staying organized will not just help you keep track of the things you are doing but also helps you stay ahead and manage your time.

#6. Focus on one thing at a time.

Multitasking sounds great but it is impossible to do it physically. Switching between any kind of task reduces the efficiency level. Thus, you will eventually end up exhausted with no productivity at all. Switching between one subject to the other is not any different. Whether you are doing your homework or reading a chapter, multitasking consumes time. It also reduces the efficiency level.

#7. Question everything.

Did you find calculus unusually difficult than you thought it to be? Or, have you been struggling to understand a theory for long? Don’t feel awkward to ask for help from your mentors. Also, seeking help or asking questions reflects your curiosity, your interest in the subject, your will to overcome the doubts and your desire to learn more about the topic.

#8. Schedule your work.

Prepare a timetable and make sure to follow it sincerely. Find your ideal time, whether you can work or concentrate well in the morning or post-dinner, set a timetable accordingly. Find out when you can be more productive. Once you do, go ahead and stick to it. It improves your organizational skills and keeps you disciplined too.

#9. Maintain your study space.

Make sure that there are no distractions in your study space. Keep away your mobile phone when you are studying. Don’t scatter your stuff on the table while you are doing your homework. Keep your space neat and tidy. Maintain an ideal environment for studying. You can put your mobile phone on flight mode to avoid unnecessary distractions.

#10. Avoid distractions while studying.

This closely relates to #9. Make sure that you aren’t studying with a loud TV noise in the background. Don’t lie down while studying. While you sit for study make sure you sit at your study table in a well-composed posture. Even if you are using gadgets like a laptop or your phone, do not even think of using social media.

Bonus Point.

#11. Take care of your self.

Taking care of your body, mind, and soul is important. You have to be physically, mentally, and emotionally sound to do well in life. So learn to manage your emotions. Nourish your body. Exercise often. Meditate. Sleep well. Take intervals and don’t overstress. Take out some time for your self, your hobbies. And always look towards the positive aspect of life.

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