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How To Select the Right BBA College

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Choosing the right college for a BBA Degree Programme has never been an easy task for students wishing to pursue a career in management studies. Most colleges promise quality education and associated amenities to draw the attention of students into their fold. But during the course, many realise that they have not made well-informed choices regarding the colleges that they have chosen and therefore their careers are compromised. To get the utmost benefit from a BBA Degree Programme students must first draw attention and focus on the following: What is the level and quality of courses being taught Are members

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Prime Minister to Award Inspiria Student Selected as Top Ten Young Indian Entrepreneur

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Amit Agarwal, a second Year BBA student of Inspiria Knowledge Campus, has been selected by the Government of India’s Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship as one of the Top Ten Young Entrepreneurs with a vision to change India. In recognition of this rare achievement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will felicitate Amit along with the other awardees at a special programme at Rashtrapati Bhavan on the 28th of September this year. The Entrepreneurship Programme initiated by the Centre’s Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship began three weeks ago and included a section where budding entrepreneurs were required to submit a

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Ronak Agarwal – The Overzealous

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The overzealous Ronak Agarwal of BBA 1st year is our next Rising Star. Still the hyperactive kid who cannot stay in a place for too long or do the same thing over and over again. He loves to be doing something concrete all the time, sitting idle makes him bored easily. He is a person who likes to experience everything first hand, so he wishes to explore different places gather the knowledge, experience and taste the essence of life the way he wants. Ronak with his B-Plan Team at Dewang Mehta Excellence Awards A very family oriented person, who believes

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Vinay Agarwal- The Speed Enthusiast

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The speed enthusiast Vinay Agarwal of BBA 1st year is the next feature for Rising Star. Born into a business family with two older sisters Vinay always got his way through. He is passionate about cars and gadgets. His best mate is his car, whenever he feels low it is the long drives in his car that helps him to get over it. As a BBA student, he wishes to do business in the automobile industry. Being a very creative person he wants to use this trait of his in the automobile design industry. Humour and pun are two other

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List of BBA colleges in Siliguri Updated 2020

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BBA Colleges in Siliguri - BBA (Bachelors in Business Administration) is a comprehensive three year degree course for somebody looking to make a career in management. As a management aspirants, BBA is the foundation course that will teach you the nuances that are required for a candidate to work effectively in a business organization. It today’s age of fast paced technology and businesses Bachelor of Business Administration is one of the most sought after courses by students. The list of BBA colleges in Siliguri are as follows: Inspiria Knowledge Campus: It was conceptualized in the year 2010 under the ageis