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The speed enthusiast Vinay Agarwal of BBA 1st year is the next feature for Rising Star. Born into a business family with two older sisters Vinay always got his way through. He is passionate about cars and gadgets. His best mate is his car, whenever he feels low it is the long drives in his car that helps him to get over it. As a BBA student, he wishes to do business in the automobile industry. Being a very creative person he wants to use this trait of his in the automobile design industry.

Humour and pun are two other attributes of his character, a fun-loving person who likes to live his life to the fullest. Vinay has a great passion for travel, at such a young age he has already visited countries like Mauritius, Czech Republic, Bangkok and various places in Europe. He desires to be an extensive traveller and travel all around the world. His ultimate destination is USA where he wishes to settle.

Vinay with his B-Plan Team at Dewang Mehta Excellence Awards

A family oriented person who is very close to his two older sisters and wishes to shower them with all the best things in life. He also has a dream to come up with a good hospital where profit is not the criteria but good treatment. He desires to make it big in the automobile industry and wants to be called as “CAR GURU”.

Inspiria wishes Vinay the “Car Guru” to be called so by the world.

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