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The overzealous Ronak Agarwal of BBA 1st year is our next Rising Star. Still the hyperactive kid who cannot stay in a place for too long or do the same thing over and over again. He loves to be doing something concrete all the time, sitting idle makes him bored easily. He is a person who likes to experience everything first hand, so he wishes to explore different places gather the knowledge, experience and taste the essence of life the way he wants.

Ronak with his B-Plan Team at Dewang Mehta Excellence Awards

A very family oriented person, who believes family comes first and the rest will follow. But does not have the desire to continue the family business. He wishes to create a name for himself, so he wants to start something of his own, hasn’t yet thought of what he wishes to start but plans to go with the market trend at that point of time.

Well being a very timid person in school, who never thought that it is necessary to come out of the shell has realised that breaking free is one of the aspects of success. It is his experience in Inspiria that has helped him to understand this quality. Easy Wheels is a start-up venture that he has started with two of his friends after coming to Inspiria. They were the 3rd runners up at Nasscom and came 2nd at Innovision. He was also the 1st runner up for Carpe Diem, Insvaganza 2017.

Ronak Agarwal at Insvaganza 2017

A very free spirited personality who likes to take life as it comes. Loves to learn new languages even if it is one liner. Ronak loves to read motivational or inspiring blogs, quotes etc. He is a veg foodie who loves to try out new veg cuisines from around the world. With his energy and talent, we wish he attains all his goals, travel places and enjoys life.

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