Team Bye Loads at YuStart 15 Prelims

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Team Bye_loads from Inspiria Knowledge Campus has been selected among the top 12 teams from all over India for the semi-final round of YuSTART 2015, to be held in Bangalore on the 25th and 26th of September.

The national level contest is being organized by Young Indians-YUVA(CII). Earlier Inspiria cleared the regional round of the contest which was held in Siliguri. (Read Here)

YuStart is a CII-Young Indians (YI) annual startup competition which encourages students launching new business and social impact ventures. Yustart will start as a launch pad for the budding entrepreneurs and also serve as a forum for interacting with the entrepreneurial circle at the national level.

The only team from entire West Bengal to compete at National Level for Best B-Plan Competetion at Bangalore! Team BYE-LOADS all the way from Inspiria

Posted by Inspiria on Saturday, September 12, 2015

Teams Qualified for YuStart Prelims

Bye Loads will be providing instant hassle free bookings of mini load carrier for carrying mini loads as per specific capacities to the desired location and its vision is to simplify and much ease the bookings of a logistic commercial vehicle to carry loads.

The top teams get an opportunity to compete with the best from the rest of India in the national finals at Bengaluru on 25 th and 26th September. Inspiria Knowledge Campus take pride in sending its first team to an event of such magnitude.

We wish all the selected teams our best wishes and regards!

Team Members


Avik Agarwal

Vedant Bajaj

Bivek Chandak

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