Dolly Thapa – Chef Patisseaur

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Dolly Thapa, a person who truly believes in ‘Do what you love’.

Dolly’s parents wanted her to become a doctor but fate did not let her, so she pursued genetics for her graduation. She had no interested in the medical field, her passion was somewhere else. She always loved to eat good, tasty food specially confectioneries.

Her home town Siliguri did not have places which served good or variety confectioneries. So in the back of her mind she always wanted to do something with food. But was never supported from home, so she continued her studies, took her MBA and started working . She worked for three years in various fields but was never satisfied with what she did.

Being a foodie by nature she always missed a good place which served food the way she wanted, so, in order to satisfy her taste buds she always tried out different recipes and tasted herself. It is at this juncture that she decided to start one on her own. Her parents both being doctors always wanted her to be a doctor, but Dolly loved to play with food.

Even with lot of oppositions she pursued a six month diploma course in Bakery and Confectionery at Inspiria Knowledge Campus. The diploma along with the training gave her the confidence to venture into business.

She is now the owner of The Cake Box a customized confectionery outlet in Siliguri. Dolly Thapa is a person who is truly doing what she loves. We have our best wishes for her future.

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