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The Third demo session was held on Saturday, 4th January 2020.Young Gaveliers illuminated the demo session by actively participating in the impromptu speech. They gave a speech on the subject of their interest. They spoke on diverse subjects – sports, music, education, you -tubing and many more.

The demo session opened with an ice-breaker warming up the session and soon articulated into games & activities. Activity emphasizing the importance of listening skills as an essential component of communication was made evident to the gaveliers. The game 7-UP steered them into motion preparing them for the event next in line – impromptu speech.

Gavelier Tejas Gupta gave a short speech on Model United Nations also known as Model UN. He spoke with an air of confidence and will soon be seen as one of the best orators of the club.

Gavelier Sanjana Dalai’s speech was filled with energy and enthusiasm.She beautifully expressed her love for the English language as a subject.Gavelier Yaben Chettri’s speech reflected his deep interest into music. His genre of music is rap and he desires to be a Nepali rapper in days to come. He spoke with poise and had depth in his words.Gavelier Miraz Subba spoke on his favourite soccer player Christiano Ronaldo and why his style of playing impresses him the most.Gavelier Arpan Sinha’s speech reverberated his achievements as a sportsperson. He is a competitive swimmer at his school and aims to become a national swimmer one day.Gavelier Alex’s speech expressed his interest into you-tubing. He seems to be fascinated with the you-tube games and video. His speech content was well thought and deserves our admiration.

Gavelier Ayush Gurung’s speech also showed his interest in sports. He too enjoys playing football.His speech contains softness that could be defined as his style. He expressed his desire to be a better and an effective communicator.

Club counselor Toast Master Geetanjali Rathore sees the immediate need for the respective Gaveliers is to build on their thought connections. Their innate potential clearly signals that with sufficient assiduity on their part and professional guidance from the Counselor will definitely make a world of difference in their personality, attitude, confidence and oratory in the days to come.

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