CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2022: Follow These Tips To Score Above 95%

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CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2022 – In the world that deems marks as just the numbers, they still give the utmost preference to the highest scorer during admissions, placement and job interviews, competitive exams, etc.. In fact, any mode of selection is conducted based on one’s merit. Thus, the score still matters while it comes to the aforementioned spheres. With CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2022 being just a few weeks away, the call for an undivided focus and consistent hard work for preparation becomes even more evident.

Regardless of preparation, it’s obvious for anyone to get a little nervous before the board exams. Since CBSE Board has already announced CBSE Board Exam dates for classes 10 and 12, the board examinees can now at least prepare every subject based on the datewise subjects scheduled by the board. However, if you are still looking for how to do well in your Class 12 CBSE Board Exams 2022, then you can follow these tips to score above 95%. So, let’s get started.

1. Know the CBSE Board Syllabus

When it comes to the examination, the crux for cracking even the toughest examination is to understand the syllabus pattern thoroughly. You need to have a clear concept of the subjectwise syllabus pattern for efficiently preparing for an examination. And, CBSE Class 12 Board exam 2022 is not an exception. Once you get a clear concept of your syllabus, it will be much easier for you to study.

2. Refer the best books

Now, some of us think guide books can help score better in board exams. However, not every alternate guide book can prove itself to be ideal for preparation. So, make sure you refer the books that ideally serve your requirements. You can ask for a recommendation for the best picks for CBSE Class 12 Board exam 2022 to your subject teachers.

3. Solve the previous years’ questions

This may sound bizarre to many but, this is one of the best approaches to get acquainted with the board exam question pattern. Solving previous year questions enables you to understand the need for the practice of manually writing the exams. So, one of the best strategies for scoring well in the CBSE Class 12 Board Exam 2022 is a consistent mock exam practice by solving the previous year’s questions.

4. Avoid distractions

A distracted mind cannot retain the required information like a soundly focused mind does. Whenever it comes to studying for the board, ensure to shun all the distractions. One of the key reasons nowadays is your mobile phone. If you keep on checking your social media feed while studying, then you won’t be able to focus entirely on studies. Make sure you are studying in a calm environment, away from distractions like social media, text messages, loud music, television, food, etc.

5. Follow a time table

CBSE Class 12 Board exam 2022 date sheet is already released by the board. Now, many of you who are preparing for the board exams without any actual time-table can draft a timetable according to the scheduled subjectwise exam dates. Those who were already following their personally drafted timetable can alter it as per the officially released date sheet.

6. Manage Time

We all encounter challenges in life. The challenges begin from the early stages. Whether it’s scoring well in the class test, doing best in sports, mastering good handwriting, learning grammar, outshining in the extracurricular activities, etc. However, no matter how much you work hard and achieve, if you fail to manage your time, all will be vain. So, never waste your time in unnecessary things, not only during the board exam preparation but throughout the rest of your days.

7. Divide equal time for every Subject

Make sure that you are devoting equal time to each subject. Don’t just go on studying a tough subject and avoid the rest just because you think they are easy. If you are studying physics for 2 hours, then make sure you give the same amount of time, focus and consistency for other subjects. It’s not just for your approaching CBSE Class 12 Board exam 2022 but also applicable for other exams in your future.

8. Plan an effective study strategy

Now, what do you think is an effective study strategy. It’s simple. For example, if you are studying biology in the early morn, then pick a relevant subject – such as environmental studies after breakfast. If you are studying Chemistry in the afternoon, then after taking a break, you can go on with your maths practice. In the same way, you can combine literature with history and so on. This way, your brain can easily retain the best information which eventually helps in scoring well in CBSE Class 12 Board exam 2022.

9. Stay Organized

While you sit down to study, make sure that the ambiance around you is neat and calm. If you are sitting on a chair and a desk, make sure that you only have your books and spplies needed for the subject you are studying. Do not study in a cluttered table. Make sure to tidy up your room and table before you sit down to study. Staying organized keeps you from being distracted from other unnecessary things. Thus, an undivided focus helps in scoring well in the CBSE Class 12 Board exam 2022.

10. Don’t get too hard on yourself

Do not get overstressed. Take a brisk break after studying for 2 hours. This helps in refreshing your mind. Take care of your health because inorder to have a healthy mind, you should have a healthy body. The majority of the students consider board exams as hurdles. However, board exams are held to help you learn and grow. So, learn to perceive every challenge from a positive aspect. Your curiosity to learn will help you do even better in life, let alone obtaining good grades in CBSE Class 12 Board exam 2022.

Also, remember that challenges are an integral part of our existence. It exists so that we can work towards improvement and evolve as we grow up. For students, one of the major challenges is the Board exam. Whether you are studying in a state board affiliated school, a private or a central board affiliated school, you need to work hard equally to do well in your board exams. Your score matters because serves as an important element for determining your subject streams, course subjects, and career. So, when it comes to board exam preparation you should work hard and draw your entire focus on the studies alone.

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