CBSE Board Date Sheet Released! Some Important Tips and Tricks for Efficient Revision

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The Central Board of Secondary Education finally released the long awaited date sheet for class 12th examinations. The students have been hanging on an edge due to the ongoing unrest around the world. Keeping in mind the pandemic the Board will conduct the examination in two shifts, Morning and Afternoon. The timings will be Morning Shift (10:30 AM to 1:30 PM) Afternoon Shift (2:30 PM to 5:30 PM).

The one positive aspect that came to the Board Exam givers from the pandemic is the preparation time. CBSE boards are usually held in March but this year it kept getting postponed due to obvious reasons. This gave students ample time to prepare, now with exams commencing from 4th of May, 2021 there is almost 4 months time which can be dedicated fully to just revision. Using this revision time wisely also affects your percentage a lot so here are some important tips and tricks for efficient revision

Make a Routine

Most of the students must have completed all the NCERT problems and understood the concepts thoroughly by now. To proceed with revision, throw out your old time table and make a new one. Unlike when you first started preparing for the exams, you don’t have to be thorough with every concept now. Instead, divide your time wisely. Allocate most of the time to subjects and concepts you may still be worried about. Make a timetable around that for the remaining months and follow it through.

Practice Sample Papers

With the books and notebooks full of materials crammed up, start putting them to use. Sample Papers are the best way to do so. These are accessible both online and offline. Every academic book store keeps a stack of all kinds of sample paper there is. Online education apps and sites also provide a lot of sample papers which has been proven to be helpful in the past. Practice the questions there, mark the ones which you find difficult to answer, this helps in understanding what concepts and chapters you should focus on more.

Solve Previous Year Questions

It is a known fact that a lot of questions asked in CBSE Exams are repeated. Though there is no known pattern, through time and time it is stressed that previous questions should be solved. Collect previous year question papers either from your seniors or online and start practicing. Start with the one from the year before and go back at least 3 years if you can. If you manage to save some more time, solve some more.

Focus on Your Doubts

While going through all the above processes, you will know your weak points by now. Note down all your doubts and weaknesses. Focus and dedicate your time in clearing those doubts, reach out to teachers, friends, seniors or even take help from the internet. But make sure at the end of your revision all your doubts are cleared.

Notes and strategies

Notes serve a great help when preparing and revising for any of your exams. Prepare your revised notes in an organized way, so that it becomes easier to access. Also taking help of sticky notes is another great tip. Write important dates, formulas, full forms and concepts on these and stick them near your visual range. It is a scientifically proven fact that the more you see something, the deeper it sticks in your mind. Strategizing on framing and writing the answers also help a lot.


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