Top 30 Interior Design Interview Questions (with Answers)

Preparing for any job interview is no less than preparing for an exam. Especially if it’s your first then the pressure becomes more intense. The uncertain nature of the interview is what makes it scary. But the best way to get yourself set is by first being mentally prepared and get that stress controlled. As far as the questions are concerned we’ve got you covered. We’ve prepared a list of top 30 questions asked in an interior design interview with answers

Top Interior Design Interview Questions & Answers

How to answer: You should show enough passion while answering this question. Do not ever say that you are after the job because you have a degree in that field. Express your love for the profession, show that you are passionate and curious about the field. Saying that you love being creative and designing spaces started as a hobby might be a good approach.

How to answer: The best way to answer this question would be to say that you have heard their name in the market and have been following their work for quite some time. Add compliments about the company in your answer but don’t make it sound too sugary.

How to answer: One of the best reasons you can give to this is work experience. Answer by saying you want to know more about the work culture and gain experience. Stress more on you trying to improve your core professional skills, so that you don’t come across as someone who is trying to get the job for only a short period of time.

How to answer: If you have experience working with these softwares, let your interviewer know clearly for how long you have been working with these softwares. Also, add on other softwares and tools if you are experienced with any. If you have never used these softwares just tell the interviewer that you are good with computers and learn things quickly. Extrude more confidence when you say this.

How to answer: Look around the office well, study it accordingly and apply what you have learnt along with your creativity. Always remember three things before any changes, the functionality of the space, aesthetics and safety.

How to answer: The major things to ask are about the budget, deadline, design style, whether or not they have any preferred type of furniture, or brands in mind. Also, it’s best to ask about any particulars regarding the tiniest things in advance. Asking for their average day in that space would also be of help in curating the space.

How to answer: Interior Designer uses more technical aspects using tools and software to design any place. On the other hand, Interior Decorating is decorating a space using various decor items and colors. Usually a process included in Interior Designing.

How to answer: Normal lights, Ambient lighting, Accent, Task lighting, Aesthetic lighting are the basic lightings that interior designers use.

How to answer: Flair Granit, Ottanta, Nivada, Retro, Ferrera on satinato, Fly, Rimadesio are some of the most used modern glass types.

How to answer: One of the most important things when designing a room is the design style and theme. Base your answer around these two because all other things follow accordingly once design style and themes are decided.

How to answer: When designing a room, give 80% room for the overhead lights, 20% should be for mounted lamps, table lamps and scones etc.

How to answer: For interior designers, each new day is different from the previous one. Somedays, you might be working on softwares like autoCAD designing a functional and safe space and on some days you might be attending clients, most days interior designers are seen creating design boards, attending supplier meetings, meetings with architects etc.

How to answer: A clear communication with the client is really important for an interior designer. The most ideal thing to do in a situation like this is to meet the client in person no matter the amount of time they reject your design. Trying to understand their demand and complaints. Letting them know clearly how your previous design meets their expectations also works sometimes. The key is not to give up.

How to answer: The first step should be to ask questions. As many as you can, so that you fully understand what the client wants. Suggest some inputs on the basis of whatever information provided by the client.

How to answer: It is very important to listen in any conversation and sometimes it becomes more important to agree to disagree. It is important to note that at the end of the day whatever is approved by the client, goes to the final design. You may try and convince the client why your design is better but at the same time cannot put your decisions on him.

How to answer: Designing a small space is quite the challenge for interior designers. If a bookshelf doesn’t fit in the space, a wall mounted customised bookshelf works best.

How to answer: When designing an office space woods like Oak, Mahogany and Cherry would be a good choice. Maple, Pine and Bamboo woods are a good choice for other more casual space designs.

How to answer: The challenge when it comes to designing small spaces is to make it feel less suffocating all the while making it functional. Functionality is top priority and safety comes second. Use mirrors and light colors to make the space feel bigger, dividing a room to create more space and functionality also helps a lot.

How to answer: When dealing with these kinds of people, never lose your calm, be polite but firm. Never take things personally and always try and bring peace.

How to answer: Placing outdoor furniture in Balcony/Veranda space to create an outdoor sitting area is a great way to make use of the space. The space can also be decorated with ornamental plants to create a relaxing space. The space can also be used well by placing some shelves and storage units.

How to answer: Be clear about your preferred interest in design style. Also express whether you’re inclined towards designing formal spaces or more into designing casual spaces.

How to answer: Room dimension, functionality, Safety, use mirrors in small spaces, never fill the room with furniture etc.

How to answer: By using custom wardrobes, custom built-in shelves, custom upholstery, custom floor installation and carpeting.

How to answer: Tools which interior designers use while inspecting a space before designing are Measuring Tape, Digital Camera, Fabric Samples, Paint Chips and Color Wheel

How to answer: Granite, Marble, Wood, Quartz, Concrete, Laminates, Stainless Steel and Limestone these are some of the most used countertop materials.

How to answer: Love for what you do, passion, creative approach and ambition to do better. Showing passion and confidence while answering this question is key.

How to answer: Give the name if you have any followed by some personal reasons why you like their work. It can be their creativity, use of space and placing of furniture, use of color or sustainable approach, multi-functional approach.

How to answer: By maintaining a schedule, making a to-do list for each day and making sure you always complete a day’s task so that the next day you start fresh. Keeping up with the architects, suppliers and other collaborators.

How to answer: Most widely used answers are Liberty for creativity, getting to work on teams and making sure you are trusted.

How to answer: Appraise them that you possess both skills and experience, you are passionate, dedicated, deliver good results on time and fit in easily.


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