Top 10 Reasons to Study in Siliguri

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Siliguri is a fast developing city in West Bengal. Over the years it has become one of the most prominent city after Kolkata, attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world.

Students from neighboring places like Sikkim, Darjeeling, Bhutan come down here to pursue their studies as there are numbers of quality academic colleges and schools to cater the educational needs of the students.

Due to the mix of affordability and diverse cultural and social life, Siliguri has become a great place for someone looking to pursue their education.

Some of the benefits of studying here:

Gateway to the north east

Due to the strategic location of Siliguri, it’s more convenient for students from places like Sikkim, Bhutan, and Nepal to come over and study here.

Travelling is convenient

Students often have trouble coming to their hometown during vacation as it involves days of traveling while studying in far off places which is often very tedious and annoying.


The climate here is quite pleasant as compared to the scorching heat of the other metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai etc.

Rich culture and social life.

Siliguri also offer rich social opportunities. People in rural areas enjoy only limited social opportunities because of the small local population. Siliguri dwellers can choose their friends and mates from among a large number of people of similar interests and inclinations.


Safety is one of the vital concern for most of the student before choosing a place to study. Siliguri is much safer place as compared to the violence and risk involved in staying in cities like Delhi, Bangalore.

Cost of living is low

The cost of living is Siliguri is quite economical. There are plenty of paying guest that take in students coming from nearby places. Students can also rent a room and stay along with their friends.

Amusement hubs

There are plenty of places for people to relax and spend their weekends. Amusement parks such as Savin Kingdom offers a great water park – a master in the field of entertainment.

Multiplexes are there which offers an exceptional movie experience in 3D and 12D cinema at a really affordable rates, unlike other big cities.

Good transport system.

Siliguri has a good network of transport facilities like buses, auto and hand rickshaw making it easy to travel across the city. The fares are reasonable.

Shopping hubs

Siliguri is famous for its Hong Kong market where one can get varieties of low cost Chinese products, just adjacent to it, is Seth Srilal market which is a great shopping destination with wide range of stores selling clothing’s, apparels and accessories for both men and women.

Good restaurants to eat

Food junkies have good options for a get-together, as there are multiple local restaurants that offer great traditional dishes and cuisines from the northeast region.

Even students coming from far off places can surely find foods of their hometown.

Studying in Siliguri can be really fun and exciting amidst the serene and calm environment. It may not have the glitz and glamour unlike the other metropolitan cities, students will feel the quality and quantity of education in Siliguri as the ambiance of the city is such that nobody gets enough of it.

Students can also feel the vibe of the places like Darjeeling, Kurseong, Mirik during weekends as traveling is a part of education.

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