Top 10 Ways to Overcome the Fear of CBSE Board Exam 2023

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Top 10 Ways to Overcome the Fear

Preparing for the 2023 CBSE boards? Living in a country where the grades are given the utmost bent, scoring the outstanding grades with ever growing competition can be extremely challenging. In India, the number of students appearing for CBSE boards exceeds 10 lakh every year. So, in the process of board exam preparation, it’s certain to encounter fear of exam phobia or examination phobia.

If you’re gearing up for CBSE Board Exam 2023, then quickly read this blog that best explains about ‘how to overcome the fear of exams’.

1. Prepare a timetable

Prepare a time-table before you continue with a regular study or a revision. By drafting one, you can equally distribute your time and focus on every subject, including the revision part and calculus practice sessions. Timetable, if followed sincerely can be extremely beneficial as it helps you in time management, cover the vast syllabus, and makes you a disciplined being. However, we recommend you to take a break between your long study hours, as breaks as essential for the mind refreshment and to boost your retention power.

2. Start preparing early

You must have heard the phrase, ‘an early bird catches the worm’. So, if you’re seeking for the tips to overcome the fear of exams, then begin preparing early. We are not telling you to study the entire book before you’re taught, but its crucial that you remain in constant touch with the chapters that have been taught. Most of the students tend to ignore the studies at the beginning and gets stressed due to strenuous preparation at the end. So, be an early bird to avoid the exam anxiety this year.

3. Understand the worth of time management

‘Time waits for no man neither can you enslave it’. Time is precious and you should know how to manage it while preparing for any crucial task in your life. If you procrastinate and the keep up with the laidback nature, your performance and grades will get compromised at the end. Thus, your aims to do well in exams should be strong enough so that you never go off-track from your planned study schedule. The results will be certainly outstanding.

4. Practice writing

No matter how good you’re in studying, the examiners will judge your ability based on the kind of answer that you present. Thus, it’s important that you write precisely what is being asked. You can enhance your writing skills by practicing the art of compelling writing in a readable handwriting. The ultimate best tips to overcome exam fear is to solve the previous questions and write the answers as you memorize them. Doing so helps you get a clear insight into question pattern and the marks distribution methods.

5. Meditate and do yoga

Ever find your mind racing amid the chaos and anxiety. Pause for a while, close your eyes, exhale-inhale. Meditation and yoga are considered the techniques to beat stress. It controls anxiety, enhances self-awareness, and improves emotional health. Practicing yoga and meditation assists in dealing with examination phobia. Deep breathing and relaxation techniques through meditation are an instant, most effective, easy, and most recommended tips to overcome the fear of exams.

6. Focus on your health

The very thought of appearing for the final boards can be really stressful. Thus, juggling amid the notes, textbooks, and serious preparation, you might forget about taking care of your self. A healthy body is the essence of a healthy mind. Poor health disturbs your studies, eventually causing stress and anxiety. Therefore, eat healthily as a balanced diet increases energy. Maintain a regular sleep pattern. Indulge in regular moderate exercises. Walking during the breaks is the easiest and the most effective.

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7. Indulge in group study

Nervousness and anxiety are natural as these are mutual amongst the students during board examination. So, if you are wondering ‘how to overcome the fear of exams’, then you’re not the only one. Dedicate a few hours during the weekend for group study. Stay focused while consulting the problems with your friends, avoid needless chatter.

8. Get help from teachers and elders

Don’t hesitate to seek help from your teachers and elders when required. Many of you hesitate to ask questions due to fear of being scolded, of being judged, or due to shy nature. You should always remember that unless you look out for help, it will never come to you. Jot down your unresolved problems and the questions on a paper. Seek help from your teachers and those around you.

9. Prepare well and believe in yourself

Your sincerity and dedication are needed for the efficient board exam preparation. In the course of preparation, avoid distractions. Your smartphone can be really distracting. While looking for notes online, don’t end up checking your social media feeds. You are the owner of your mind and you can control it no matter what! One of the best tips to overcome the fear of exams is effective preparation and to believe in your self. Believe that you can and you certainly will.

10. Don’t worry about the result

Do not consider the board exam as threats. This very notion of ‘threat’ causes anxiety and stress. Many of us tend to worry about the result even before appearing for the exams. One of the best tips to overcome exam fear is to change your perspective regarding the examinations. Exams, in fact, is one of the interesting methods for enhancing your knowledge. Don’t study with a mindset of obtaining marks alone. Study for strengthening your knowledge.

Board examinations can never be tough and stressful if you are well prepared. In the course of preparation, self-belief, discipline, dedication, determination, and a bit of hard work helps you defeat the examination fear and stress.

We wish you the best wishes for your upcoming examinations.

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