How to Concentrate on Studies?

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You know, it’s really hard to concentrate on studies or keep up with an important task when there are endless reasons to get distracted. In fact, almost anything can distract us easily. In a galaxy of social world intrusions to endless noise, exhaustion, and stress, the major question of every student is ‘how to concentrate on studies’. There are your mobile phone, iPods, social media, etc. which we find irresistible and consumes time even before we realize.

Sometimes people around you can also be a distraction. People with exciting gossips from a recent trip, your mischevious siblings, etc. We often ask, ‘how to concentrate on studying without getting distracted’ and easily get pre-occupied by the random thoughts. You might have witnessed a time when you went online to find some notes but ended up scrolling your social media profile. At times, your 5-minute break would end up with a long unplanned nap or a long conversation.

If the concentration is what you’re battling for, then here are the best ways that teach you how to concentrate on studying without getting distracted.

1. Be present in the now!

Presence of mind is important as it is the essence of your understanding of the subject that you study. It’s even true that most of us tend to think of other things during study hours. Thus, you should stop thinking of the tasks that you want to carry on after the study hours, how to concentrate and focus on studies, or, other irrelevant things that take you off focus from studies. To concentrate, it’s crucial to stay in the now and focus on the same.

2. Keep your study zone clean

It’s important to de-clutter your desk and your study space to avoid distraction. The place that you allocate for the studying should be free of unnecessary things such as photographs, bags, stationery, electronic gadgets, etc. Put away the unimportant things from your desk and keep only those that are needed. Keep away the useless notes, books, assignments, or other subjects away from your desk to avoid distraction.

3. Plan your study time around your convenient energy level

Do you feel focused at night? While on the other hand, your siblings can focus well during early mornings. If that’s the case, schedule your study hour according to your convenient energy level. Don’t try to acclimatize to the inconvenient biological prime time. It’s best to study when you’re highly focused as it can be the best time to focus on the topics that need much concentration and time.

4. Study. Write. Remember

Writing while studying is one of the best ways to stay focused. The method of writing while studying explains how to concentrate on studies during exams. It is one of the best techniques that help you remember the things you studied for a long period of time and eventually enhances your recall.

5. Take proper breaks

If you wish to study for 12 hours a day then there’s nothing wrong in that. However, overloading and pressurizing your brain by studying long hours will hamper your learning and performance. So, take proper and regular breaks every 20-30 for 5 minutes if you’ve planned for studying 12 hours or more. Do, something productive during the break, do not think of studies and exams. Walking for 5 minutes is the best way as it will improve circulation and keeps you alert.

6. Develop a learning custom

Begin by assessing the amount of time required for each subject throughout a week. Then assign a precise time for every subject. Doing so you can de-stress by assuring yourself that you won’t need to worry about studying and finishing other subjects as you have divided your time for each one of them. Allocating time helps you concentrate better and keeps the stress at bay.

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7. Correlate your subject with practical facts

if you’re still battling about how to focus on studies then correlate your subjects with your practical stuff. This unquestionably will make your learning more interesting and fun. This will also make learning easier and effective. The correlating technique will help you learn better and prevent yourself from getting distracted. For example- You can correlate the historical events and wars with Hollywood movies, and so on.

8. Follow the 5 more rule

It’s true that it’s hard to concentrate while we’re on the brink closing our books. However, your goal cannot be attained when you decide to quit. So whenever you’re on the verge of giving up, remind yourself that you need knowledge in order to do well in life. Break your tasks and tell yourself that you will not quit until you learn 5 more things. Once you’re done, aim for the other 5. Learning small things every day will hone your concentration.

9. Meditate regularly

Despite reminding yourself of the approaching exam and the subjects that you favor, you still run short of focus and concentration. You get distracted by the very thought of being attentive. Thus, you end up wondering how to concentrate on studying without getting distracted. In this context, meditation is the answer. A regular meditation can help you regain concentration power. Deep breathing during the meditation will help you de-stress as well.

10. Visualize your achievement

It’s very crucial to visualize your aspirations and goals, as doing so will ignite your passions and render you a reason to go ahead. If you keep visualizing your aspirations and goals, you will be empowered more to work towards it. When you’re all geared up for your quest towards achieving your goals, you will stay more focused.

Concentration and distraction are choices. If you want to understand how to concentrate on studies during exams then you should be disciplined first. You need to be true to yourself in order to make a choice between DOs and Don’ts.
Besides, you need to take good care of your health, have healthy breakfast, avoid caffeine, junk foods, and get adequate sleep. Avoid multitasking, focus on a single thing. Shun the fears. Above all, believe in yourself, as every quality you’re seeking for remains with you.

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