Top Tips to get Freedom From Stress & Pressure from Board Exams

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Board Exams can be really stressful. The ever-growing competition and the need to score well in the board exams bring tremendous pressure and anxiety amongst the students. The pressure is evident because your merit, eligibility to sit for the entrance exams, getting admissions in the top institutions is determined on the basis of marks you obtain in the board exams results.

Taking into an observation of what is being asked of a student, the majority of them experience pressure and stress which eventually consume a lot of energy and time during board exam preparation. The stress and pressure if, allowed to persist will cause a long-term impact. So, here are some tips that explain how to get freedom from stress and pressure from Board Exams.

Meditate for 5 minutes every day

Meditation helps you fight anxiety and improves feelings of well-being. Meditating at least for 5 minutes every day boosts your focus and concentration power. Devote 5 minutes in the morning for meditation. Empty your mind in the process. It’s the best way to strengthen your mind and sustain your focus.

Study on regular basis from the beginning

If you start studying the lessons explained in the class on the daily basis from the beginning of the year, you can finish studying all the syllabus for entire subjects prior to 1-2 months before the board exams. Keeping in touch with the daily lessons will reduce the load and pressure of studies, and eventually keeps stress and pressure at bay.

Draft a timetable

It’s a good thing to have a plan before you start something. To accomplish your goal of a strategic study plan, apply some of your concepts and time to draft a time table. Make sure that you don’t miss out on any subject. Make and divide an equal time for practicing, studying, and for revisions.

Make your own notes

Making your own notes while studying is the best way of keeping everything in your mind for the long run. You can simply study from your school book and prepare notes on the evidence of facts given there. Doing so will enhance your efficiency in answering questions in a quick and easy manner. You can use a highlighter to mark the important words, phrases, or sentences for spotting them quickly.

Declutter the stress off your mind

Take a break. Indulge in recreational activities. Listen to some good music. Spend some time practicing your hobbies. Hang out with your friends, Make sure you don’t discuss or think of studies during the break. This is how you declutter your mind from stress and pressure.

Practice solving the previous years’ questions

This method will provide an insight into the nature of the question, the pattern and marks distribution, and help them improve their concepts. The previous years’ questions will introduce you with nearly the same environment as the real board exams. You can even set a 3-hour time frame and practice mock exams on your own. This will help you with the time management and bring out the actual analysis of your preparation.

Plan an immediate revision

Once you finish studying a chapter, make sure you do a thorough revision within 24 hours. This procedure will help you remember everything for the long run. Revision boosts confidence. Once you’re certain about a topic, then there would be no reason to feel the pressure.

Prioritize your health

To deal with the pressure, you need to have a healthy mind and body. So you need to take care of your health. Don’t compromise with your rising-up time and sleeping hours. Eat healthily. Stay Dehydrated. Never compromise with your health. Remember, you can accomplish all if you have a sound mind and body.

We wish you all the best for your upcoming boards!

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