Tripti Sinha – The Pirouette

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Twirl, sway, spin, jump that’s what Tripti like to do all the time- “DANCE”. This dancer from the Department of Media Science is our next feature for Rising Star. Her dance craze started from class four when she took part in a dance competition forced by her sister. It was her sister who was considered to be a better dancer but winning that competition changed the whole scenario. As years passed by, dance had a total control of her.

Tripti Sinha with Bollywood Choreographer Remo D’souza

In grade 8, she had auditioned for Dance India Dance and was selected but did not go forward with it because of the format. She even tried her hand in Dance Bangla Dance but was forced to focus on her studies as she had to give her 10th-grade exams. Her steps at Dance Darjeeling got her to the top 10. Now she has decided to go ahead with rigorous training for the next three years and then compete from Delhi. Her is not the only forte, she has tried her hand at walking the ramp and was Miss Insvaganza 2017.

An emotionally strong personality, she is addressed as the son of the family. In all odds and troubles, she is the one who stays strong. She loves travelling especially at night and also a foodie by nature who loves to eat street food. Another passion she has is her love for cooking.

Tripti-Sinha as Miss Insvaganza at Insvaganza 2017

Her aim is to open a dance studio where contemporary and ballet will be taught. After her dream of the studio, she wishes to go to Hong Kong to do her PhD in dancing. She desires to spend her retired life outside India. Her most precious and one and only dream is to make everyone dance.

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