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Our next feature for the Rising Star is Upasana Chhetri of Media Science who says, “ Life isn’t a race, it’s a journey full of surprises! So we must be strong and overcome all obstacles because you never know whom you are inspiring.” Being the daughter of a teacher discipline and dignity were an integral part of her childhood.

As she grew up her interest changed at every stage of growth but her passion for dance remained the same. Another area of interest which she likes to pursue is the field of acting. Her leadership skills got her the position of House Captain and her organisational skills never went unnoticed. It was when she reached grade 9 that she realised her talent in writing as well. The period after class 10 boards was a time when she experienced life and death, surviving jaundice was a life turning experience for her and she rightly states, “Prosperity make friends, Adversity tries them, the difficult times of my life not only justified the statement but also filled me with the zeal to achieve my goals not to solely make my dreams come true but turn my family’s dream into Reality.”

Inspiria was another platform where many of her hidden talents were mined out. A versatile speaker but at the same a crowd puller, she has that talent in her to keep her audience glued to her. The first achievement for her at Inspiria was when she was crowned as the first ever Miss Inspiria, The Face of the College.

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Then it was a series of events and prizes for her. She bagged the trophy for the debate competition organised by the Central Bank of India, hosted events after events, received the Dewang Mehta Excellence Award for academics, of them all, she hosted Insvsganza 2017 in the presence of the celebrity guest Mr. Rannvijay Singh.

Upasana as Insvaganza 2017 host

With all these achievements in hand she has realised her true potential but at the same time, she wishes to remember her failures as well so that they keep the fire in her ablaze. Upasana is a person with a lot of dreams and we are proud to have such student of great potential. We hope all her dreams turn out to plan as she wishes.

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